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An Email I Just Received

An Email I Just Received

The Email entitled 'Thank you for Farland' Howdy!
Last year Houston had a week of floods, my partner and I were trying to decide what to do with soggy, bored kids. We thought about board games which were expensive to buy several at once, and likely would lose their merit quickly. I figured we'd try to get the kids into gaming and got the Mines of Phandalin. HUGE HIT!

My oldest daughter, 13, decided she wanted to run a campaign, eagerness did not replace daunting fears however. We found Farland and that made it possible. She didn't have to drink from a hose, creating any and everything from scratch. Instead she, and we, could take in bits and pieces as we went. Thank you and the plethora of contributors for aiding in an activity that literally brings our family together to laugh, talk, and have fun. One of our fun weekend activities was taking the family to Nan's, our best local game shop, for everyone to pick out their own dice and mini-figures. I don't know if ya'll get a lot of praise, likely far less than you deserve, but we're huge fans.

Again, thank you,
Name Withheld

Emails like this make all the work worthwhile. And once again, my staff and all my contributors make it all possible!

This is awesome.

Would love to do an interview with you sometime for Blot Gaming?

Originally Posted by BLOT CEO View Post
This is awesome.

Would love to do an interview with you sometime for Blot Gaming?
Sure, that sounds great! Drop me an email or tweet at me.

I tried to use the

"Email user" link in your icon;

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Sorry. The email function has been disabled by the administrator.

Hmmm. Email me at webmaster (at) farlandworld (dot) com.

Shall do, it's 1am here so I'll send through an email tomorrow! Awesome email regardless, certainly deserve it with the work you've put in.

That's pretty awesome.

Thanks, all!


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