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Username Change Request

Possible name change?

My Browser Information: Chrome/59.0.3071.115

Message: I was hoping to get my name changed to Pied_Piper. I have no idea where else to post this as this is the bug and technical section.


Hi, I'm new as of today and I messed up with my username.
May I please have it changed...
From: TheBeastBeastLove
To instead: TheBestBeastLove
Thank you for any response/help you are able to give.

Life War, Storm is already taken.

That appears to be taken as well, unless MW is case sensitive. I suggest doing a search of the Members List, if you want to make a change, to make sure no one's taken your new name already.

It may be useful to add a link to the Members List in the first post to remind people to check it, perhaps.

Drama is taken, and the list is not case-sensitive. I have added the Members List link to the OP. Thanks, Ashir!

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