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A place for light-hearted forum games and other threads that don't promote discussion.

The 10000 Post Club

13893 posts here.

Err, 13894 now I guess.

Uh... useless fact you say? Uhm... *googles* *Google wants me to click suspicious stuff* *goes to Bing instead*

Err, did you know that elephants use the skin folds on their backs to squash mosquitoes?

The term "genuine leather" isn't reassuring you that the item is made of real leather, it as an actual distinct grade of leather and is the second worst type of leather there is.

^That's not really useless I wear a lot of leather.

We should collaborate on something.

What about a Dark Souls Game using Warrior Rogue and Mage?

Total Posts

I feel like such a lightweight! Of course, I have taken a couple of extended hiatus' from MW, so, there's that.

♫'The More You Know...'♫

I'm in this club as well! Anybody have any idea what percentage of Myth-Weavers are de facto in it?

There are apparently 188 of us. The highest post count is, unsurprisingly, Ithamar, by a margin of about 17000 posts (he's just under 70000 total!!!)!

Originally Posted by Arklytte View Post
There are apparently 188 of us.
How'd you find this?


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