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Sheet Requests, Status, and Issues

Sheet Requests, Status, and Issues

Current Status
Sheet Development: Slow/On Hold
Bug Fixes/Feature Requests: Slow/On Hold

We have a major project underway that is taking up a significant amount of site dev time! Sheet progress will resume soon, or you can make the sheet desired and submit it for review/addition to the site!

Here you may request new sheets or report bugs with existing sheets!

Would you like to assist with sheet bugs or creating new sheets? Look here!

  • Received | We have received the information but not started yet.
  • Pending | We have begun work on this request.
  • Rollout Pending | Work on this has been completed and is awaiting public roll-out by Rodrigo.
  • Completed | We have completed this request. After a week the row will be removed.
  • Rev. # | This sheet is under a full revision.

Sheet Request Procedure
  • Make sure to include a reference to a pdf (preferable) or an image when making the request.
  • All previous requests are currently on a Legacy Requests list here. If you want a sheet that is on that list, please re-request it here!

Sheet Requests
Sheet Reference Link Status
Planet Mercenary Character Sheet Received
Dungeon World Sheet Pending
Starfinder Ship Sheet Sheet Received
Fate Core Sheet Sheet Pending
The One Ring Sheet Received
Star Trek Adventures Sheet Received
Final Fantasy D20 Sheets Received
Torg Sheet Received
RIFTS Sheet Example Pending Received

Bug Report/Sheet Improvement Procedure
  • Please go into as much detail as possible concerning the issue, or explain your reasoning behind an improvement request.
  • Provide links to the sheet in question if you are experiencing a bug.

Sheet Bug Fix Tracker
Sheet Pertinent Links Status
Pathfinder Experimental Bug Received
D&D 5E Bug Bug 2 RequestReceived
Pathfinder Experimental Request DONE
D&D 3.5e RequestRequest 2Received
GURPS 4 Bug Received
Pathfinder Standard Bug Bug 2 Bug 3 Received
D&D 3.5 Bug? Bug 2 Received
Starfinder Request Received
Star Wars: Saga BugReceived
M&M 3eRequestReceived

I have a request for Dresden Files RPG (DFRPG).
The stress tracks are bugged, instead of individual "boxes" (circles) that you click and they fill in. The boxes fill all of the bubble before the one you click and erase all of the ones after.

What should look like this
o o O o o O
Looks like this
O O O o o o
or this
It makes the stress tracks completely useless for the game.


So, any update on sheets in progress?

The update is pending still. It was started, but other things came up that required focus.

Alright folks, we are now accepting new sheet requests and bug reports/feature requests!

Sheet Requests
Sheet Reference Link StatusNotes
Dungeon World Character Sheet Received

Apologies for my previous literacy fail. I've updated my post accordingly. Also, I've wanted to help with this for a while. How can I help?

Request for fix of several bugs in the Pathfinder [Experimental] sheet, as well as suggestions to improve the sheet.

Bugs: Flat-Footed CMD is bugged in that it still adds Dodge bonus when it shouldn't. Also, while putting values into temporary ability scores are calculated in attack modifiers and skills, they are not calculated in initiative, saving throws, nor carrying capacity. I have to manually put those new values into the sheet, as well as change them back once those temp bonuses/penalties are gone. Finally, the check boxes in Armor / Protective Items do not seem to do anything.

Suggestions: Rename the "magic" bonus in saving throws to "resistance" or just "resist" to more accurately reflect the bonus type that goes in there. Have the "misc" bonus in AC be treated for all purposes as a deflection bonus, since miscellaneous bonuses in Pathfinder such as sacred, profane, insight, luck, etc. all calculate like deflection. Apply size modifiers to the 2 skills that are modified by size (Stealth and Fly). Put a sort button for skills so that if we have to add a 2nd perform or craft to our skills it does not hang at the bottom of the skill list.

Originally Posted by Manthatisthisman View Post
The sheetroll / sheetdice feature currently works with ability scores, but does not function with the skills listed on the sheet. The skills should use the filled in boxes (if filled in) or, if blank check for the proficiency check box and if checked apply the bonus listed in the proficiency bonus field.
Sheetroll and sheet dice do work with 5e sheet's skills. If you mouse over the box it'll give a pop up that reveals the appropriate name.. For example for Perception it's [sd=perception_mod][/sd]

Maybe it does need a change to make it more intuitive though?

Originally Posted by Witchslasher View Post
Sheetroll and sheet dice do work with 5e sheet's skills. If you mouse over the box it'll give a pop up that reveals the appropriate name.. For example for Perception it's [sd=perception_mod][/sd]

Maybe it does need a change to make it more intuitive though?
Good enough for me. I've changed the status on that one to resolved.

So, I'm not sure if this is an issue, but I thought the sheets had a print option on them. I tried to print one recently and it didn't seem to have. And then when I tried to download the sheet, thinking I'd just print it that way, clicking on download simply brought up a message that said it encountered a problem.


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