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Pathfinder 2nd Edition is coming to Playtest!

Style feats in PF seem, in general, to be pretty bad (especially the weird swift-action activation) but those kinds of feat chains are certainly better in principle than Combat Expertise -> Imp Trip -> Greater Trip.

I hope multiclassing is not like Variant Multiclassing. This feels like it would be a backwards step (seriously, you can still just play 2nd Ed if you want) and VMc is not really very well thought-out. It's a fun concept as an addition to the regular rules but like many variants it doesn't work that well and feels tacked on; the feat-swapping method is also less than ideal. The options are also fairly poorly balanced, though if the game were designed like this from the ground up I would hope that it would be better.

Agreed on all accounts Fred, but like I said that's nearly pure speculation on my part. Really the only thing to go off of there is the comment about using only one leveling table when leveling up with multiclassing, which in and of itself could be taken a number of ways. We'll just have to wait and see.

That proficiency update from yesterday is very confusing to me. So, we only get to put a rank into a skill every other level? How will that affect feats that have skill rank requirements? Personally, I don't want to wait until level 5 to take Dervish Dance instead of level 3 because I have to wait to put in the 2 ranks into Perform.

Hopefully they'll be adjusting that stuff as well. I mean, this is a new edition, Dervish Dance could have completely different requirements, if it even exists at all.

There's a large problem with the previews where they don't really tell us anything about the game other than vague snippets of rules which themselves require other yet unrevealed rules to fully comprehend how they work. Feats every level? Neat! Except what a feat means and how they operate can change. Proficiencies? Cool, I guess, but that's useless without knowing how skills work in general. Is that extra DC reduction meaningful? Is a +1 bonus to your skill actually a relevant boost?

It's all too vague to form any meaningful conclusions yet.

Listening to the 2nd Edition PF podcast that Glass Cannon did was pretty good. It sounds like there's some really cool things in there.

So it looks like a 5e/One Ring mashup. It makes sense as they're currently loosing significant market share to 5e which has been a great success. I think the choice of goblin/alchemist into core was a direct response to the success of their gobln campaigns in their current edition.

My concern from what I've seen so far is that there seems to be way too much going on. Instead of one clean system they're going to end up with a bunch of them stacked on top of each other and wearing a trench coat... though I can totally see goblins doing this.

Goblin put on a trenchcoat, I agree.

I'm with you on a lot of counts. I like what they did with 3.0, so I'm hopeful for this. I agree, the more streamlined, concise, and cohesive the better.


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