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Shadowrun meets fallout with d20 rules

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Shadowrun meets fallout with d20 rules

Gamma World Meets Shadowrun Meets Fallout - Forum
D20 System - Inverse World

Looking for a few more players for this game posting is light a few times a week is enough.

Game Description:

There is a crash and the lights go out. Living in a fall out shelter all your life this has never happen. You have trained for this.
it could be anything, a breach at the gate where they outside world is invading, a power outage where the power plant is down, maybe it's a drill but you don't think so.

You and your 3 neighbors open the doors and look at each other in the glow of the red emergency power lights. You better go find out what's going on....

Looking for crew members in space opera visiting Fading Suns, Shadowrun, Warhammer 40k, d20, Travellers, Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate to name a few systems
hmmm not sure why i am getting no interesting in this

Could be the system? I've never heard of Inverse War before. Maybe it's not a well known system. I'm posting slight interested btw.

Edit: I see your system is D20 Modern. Sorry I don't play D20 modern. I rather dislike the system and gave away my books roughly 10 years ago.

its quite heavily modified if look at the house rules

The surprise but once you get out of the Fallout shelter into the real world you have options to use other systems how to explain but this is a cross system game which starts at d20 and then you can retrain into other systems as you encounter them but I didn't want to mention that but if that gets players then there you go.

Posting is pretty slow probably a couple times a week I've got two players in at the moment so if you were to have a look at the character rules post your character concept and I can introduce you quite easily

I do have a question:
Is game play, or 'can game play', be with the D20 Modern Series of books?
Or do we 'have' to move on to a different game system?

no its your choice


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