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RanDUMB Encounters

RanDUMB Encounters

Rules: Write a single word people use to refer to a group of creatures. Describe one thing about them.

<Single Word Here>. <Describe One Thing>.

The next poster adds a second thing that would make the encounter dumb in some way.


Gnomads. The Gnomads travel far distances quickly.

Gnomads travel long distances quickly via catapult. They do not survive the impact.

Bearistas. Bearistas man ballistas that throw hot liquid at intruders.

They always spell your name wrong on the containers.

Huecavies. Huecavies are blasphemous undead hamsters.

They are currently trapped in Holy Hamster Wheels.

Barlocks. Barlocks are alcoholic imps conjured by warlocks.

They are rumored to have 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

Mindsayers. The mindsayers always say what you are thinking about. Always.

Originally Posted by Joshua13905 View Post
Mindsayers. The mindsayers always say what you are thinking about. Always.
The mindsayers say exactly what you're thinking about. For everyone except those with the strongest mental discipline, this amounts to a stream of gibberish, made up of incomplete sentences, random words and phrases, snatches of songs and attempted verbal description of mental images.

Manataurs: A hybrid minotaur/merman that dwells in underwater labyrinths.

Unfortunately Manataurs rely on whirlpools to spin themselves around since their wet bull head weighs them down and is often too heavy for their merman tails.

Scarabbits. Scarabbits are chitin armored hares that can cause nightmares with their bite.

They're always tripping over their long ears, so the odds that they bite you are rather slim.

Zombees. Flying, stinging insects reanimated by dark forces, they make one hell of a honey.

Unfortunately making hellhoney kills them.

Arrowdillos. Arrowdillos turn into a cloud of flying arrows when frightened.

Originally Posted by emceeBeatdown View Post
Arrowdillos. Arrowdillos turn into a cloud of flying arrows when frightened.
Arrowdillos are still pretty small, and they lack the ability to launch their arrow-selves at high velocity, so they're considered amongst the least threatening of the 'Weaponimals' created and released into the environment by Farid the Questionably Sane.
Flailmingos, on the other hand, are a lot more dangerous; a flock of them may look harmless, but when they turn into flying flails and start homing in on you...

Velocirapiers: Magically-engineered kobold/dinosaur hybrids that are incredibly fast and dexterous. Their reaction-time, pack loyalty, and skill with piercing weapons makes them popular guards for the rich and prestigious.

Unfortunately they are not loyal to their rich owners.

Sighclops. These one eyed freaks can bore their victims to death.


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