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What are you reading?

Their Better Angels. Might be one of those rarities where the movie ("Wrong is Right" with Sean Connery) is better than the book.
Before that, Tears of Poseidon and Brotherhood of Lies.

I've been working through two main collections of books. The first one is a collection of books called "The Great Books of the Western World" which is a large set of around 60 volumes that are filled with pieces of writing that some college literature board group considers the books/plays/essays etc that shaped western civilization. Currently I'm reading The Confessions of Saint Augustine which I have to admit is pretty damn good. The second set of books I'm reading are collections of Adventure Modules and Campaign Books. Its going to mean I won't be able to join games about the modules I'm reading but I think gaining perspective from deconstructing modules will be worth it.

I finished reading Enders Game this week. I gotta say, I really liked that book. Definitely going to look into some of the others in the series. Next up, sticking with the sci fi genre....

I know the movie was pretty cheesy, but I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the book.

The movie is only related to the book by implication, but if you assume the movie is an in-universe propaganda piece, it actually works really well.

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Also mostly science books actually, and online PDF's about various studies and things. I like the modern resources for scientific studies

Heinlein is great, with the one big exception being his female characters; those are, almost in their entirety, an embarrassment. They range from either old-fashioned house wives to sex bots (or often both) without much in between. But as far as imagination goes, Heinlein has one of the best ones that the sci-fi canon has to offer.

Fair. I'm finishing the ninth Safehold audiobook later today, and while it's been a great ride, and warfare has gone from pike and crossbow to literal WWI trench warfare in less than a decade, when is Weber going to address the elephant in space, the Gbaba? Seriously, he keeps building them up as THE BBEG, but NINE books in, and we've only just reached the steamer iron-hull!

@Onigato Think of it as parts, the current Safehold series (which I think is complete now) is part 1. Part 2 is supposed to go that bit further to space and the Gbaba.

I'm reading Stephen and Owen King's novel Sleeping Beauties right now. Very cool, very creepy stuff. A huge cast of characters, a unique fantasy/sci-fi dilemma and some fascinating gender politics stuff thrown in due to the main event that kicks the story off. It's a doorstop of a book, but I'm on page five hundred something and so far it goes down pretty darn smooth.

I certainly hope so. I know Safehold 10, Through Fiery Trials, just dropped a couple months ago, and I'm pretty sure the Honorverse is still getting released every other year or so. I don't think it's even audiobook'd yet, though
No time of late to read the beautiful paper of a real book, audiobooks have been my lifeline to new reading.
I hope it is, and even wikipedia has nothing about the current status of the series. I want to see Cayleb and Sharleyan as Space Emperor/Empress, though I honestly think there will be a time jump before Space Empress Alahnah takes the fight to the Gbaba in series 2.

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