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A Whole New World

Beyond Paradise - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

Do you like One Piece? Are you caught up with the series in either form? Do you have a working knowledge, which does have an SRD available, of Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition? Are you a reliable and consistent player? Then the Pinstripes need you!

What makes this game different from a normal One Piece game? It starts at the halfway point of Sabaody Archipelago. Mainly because this group of players has taken part in multiple games that have started from the beginning. This means that you will have access to Haki as the Captain has trained the entire crew in its use and applications.

We currently have a cook, musician and shipwright. What we certainly need are a doctor and navigator. Other roles I would like to see would a swordsman or weapon master of sorts, an inventor and a sharpshooter. You can join at Sabaody Archipelago if you want, or you could have joined earlier.

You begin at PL 12/180 PP with the house rule of 4 Skill Points per PP.

Game Description:

There's a New World that needs exploring and we're gonna do it!

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Well, this seems like a game that could accommodate one of those really cool heavy hitter fruits we've seen now and then.

The one's that would probably break a game starting in East Blue or the lot at the beginning, but by the time your on the grand line are powerful but not unbeatable and by the time your at Sadaody Archapelago are potent, but are far, far, FAR from unbeatable. The Logia's or the Mythic Zoan's or the REALLY powerful Paramecia's (Or at least really powerful if your the least bit smart about using them and are only knee capped in the series cause frequently the people with them are not that clever about how they are using them.). You can probably imagine the one's.

And as for the artificial fruits, we don't know precisely how many of those got made and subsequently sold into circulation. Or for that matter, that every one of them made it were it was intended to go.

I'm not committed to anything at this stage, throwing things at the wall to see what might stick/get a feel for what the sentiment is.

Also, another question: On a Scale from Donflamingo Family/Big Mom Pirates/Don Krieger (I am probably spelling his name wrong, dude who raised hell at Sanji's restaurant when we first met Sanji.) as a 1 and Straw Hats/White Beard/Shanks as a 10, how Chivalrous/Noble/Romanic are the Pinstripes?

With Haki in play, I'm not downright banning anything. Especially when it all comes down to points and caps anyway. If you can spin a good yarn about how and why, I'm game at least game enough to see what you can knit. Seeing as I currently have two devil fruit eaters, one with the Zoom Zoom Fruit, gives superspeed, and other with mythical zoan nine tail fox (he thought of it before it appeared in the manga), I'm pretty open.

11, we are actively seeking to change the status quo while toppling the World Government, all while trying to reach the end of the Grand Line which will likely not be the end but the halfway point of the game.

Hmmmmm, does the party have anyone who excels at stealth?

(I'm going to be honest, I have a though, but I'm concerned it, *might* wind up stepping on the Zoom-Zoom users toes too much.).

Good. I like Romantic/Chivalrous/Noble Crews. =)

Hmmm, yeah, that would still be hilarious but between them and the zoom zoom user, probably overly redundant. (I'd had the idea of giving a Tontatta a tiny bit of Armament Haki, Either and artificial version of That lighting fruit Enel has or of the Glint Glint fruit, and a metric ton of Observation Haki. Which would combo to make a super fast super sneak who's insanely difficult to hit, but doesn't really have the ability to tank hits well at all.

And then just for the hilariousness of the imagery, maybe give it Conqueror's Haki. )

How exactly is the game handling the timeline? Are we during the time skip? Or just assuming it's "Now" in the series and were people who just haven't gotten on the Straw Hats Radar?

Im very interested, but I wouldn't say I'm 100% up to date but I believe I have gotten as far as Donflamingo's trade. Would this be an issue? I'm not entirely sure what type of character to make yet but how you intend on dealing with Canon may affect that, definitely pro Devil Fruit eater but a party full of them could create some serious issues.

That in mind though what is your opinion on Devil Fruits that could marginally counter act the standard water based weaknesses for example a wind/air fruit could allow the user to effectively levitate above water or catch team mates in gusts of wind and propel them to a safe location?

Other ideas I have...

1) A sort of duplication fruit that would let the user do things like create copies of objects, himself and replicate other Devil Fruit powers. Effectively using the create, clone and variant powers.

2) A nullification fruit that lets the user cancel out other devil fruit abilities, possibly even the likes of armament haki.

The wind concept would make an excellent navigator/sharpshooter while the other two would make amazing scientists or doctors. My personal preference is towards the duplication based character.

Why would be on the Strawhats radar? Luffy's going after the Yonko. Either way, it takes place after the time skip.

@Blood Moon Shadow
Not an issue. I would suggest catching up.

Many a fruit ability or even technique can do it, I don't have a problem with it.

Duplication depends on how you set up your powers. As long as the duplicates are nonheroic or used as a descriptor for another effect and you can't do it all at once/

Nullifying devil fruit powers is nothing new but haki, that would be a no go.


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