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A Crew Forming

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A Crew Forming

One Piece: A Stitch in Time - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

Everything is below.

Game Description:

One Piece
A Stitch in Time

The world is a vast place, divided into 5 Seas, the East Blue, West Blue, South Blue, the North Blue and finally the Grand Line, an untamed Sea of adventure and danger with every moment a fight for survival. The World Government is not what it once was, the Seas are more divided than ever even as they unite in their divisions. Where once the world held 3 great Powers, the Yonkou, the Warlords and the World Government...Now there are 4. The Yonkou no longer number 4, but rather only 3 individuals can claim to be closest to becoming the new King of the Pirates. The Warlords number 7, each of varying power and ability, though it is rumored that one of the single most powerful individuals in the world stands in their number. The Marines occupy the 3rd position of Power, no longer are they tied to the World Government, instead they are a Military force who rule with their oppressive Justice over the Seas. The Marines have been in a constant state of flux due to a large number of their force trying to rise up within the ranks to enforce the People's Justice, but so far they are limited in number and power. The World Government has become divorced from the Marines, the World Nobles and other Rulers within their Alliance seek to bring the World back into their grip, their armies always on the move in search for the World Destroying Weapons of ancient history. There are rumors that one such Weapon has been found, but as they have not yet struck out to widen their grasp of power, this is believed to be something they started themselves.

This adventure begins in the East Blue aboard the Baratie, the reasons for your being there are multitude and unlikely related to the adventure that is soon to begin. But it is here that a New Age is stirring, it is here where there is...

...a stitch in time.

I will create a Folder for Characters, please place your individual Threads within that folder with your Character's name and desired occupation within the Title. There will be NPC members of the crew, and only 4 applications will be accepted, so do not worry that your occupation will affect your acceptance.

Also, please be aware that I would like every character to have 1 overall 'Theme'.
Luffy = Rubber Theme
Zoro = Demonic Swordsman Theme
Sanji = Table Manners Theme
etc. etc.

I will be using MnM 3E, everyone will create a character as PL 8 initially, you can be prepared to spend additional points as at the beginning of the game everyone will be raised to PL 10, HOWEVER, you may NOT raise your Combat stats with these additional points, meaning that everyone will begin the game as PL8 Combat effectiveness.
Skill Points will be doubled for every PP spent on Skills, I would recommend using this to your advantage as I enjoy giving skill challenges, especially in a One Piece game, but I expect specialization. If you try to spread your points between too many skills, you may be overlooked or simply not accepted.
In that same vein, EVERYONE needs a weakness. If you are not a Devil Fruit eater, I expect a weakness suitable to whatever theme your character possesses, and be warned, EVERYONE will suffer the effects of their weaknesses. I expect this to be represented with your stats as well. I do not want any well rounded characters for this game, I want you to be unbalanced and need to lean on each other for support as that is what truly makes One Piece what it is.

I have tried running One Piece games twice before, I think in part I made it too complicated on myself, but in the end it wasn't anything in the Forum that did me in, but rather RL. I don't feel bad about these games dying because in all honesty, it could not have been prevented due to the circumstances. What I am disappointed in was that I did not inform anyone of the issues and as such people watched, hoped, and were let down. This WILL NOT happen again. I will post at least 1 time per week, and if it is only once, it will be to update you on when I will be available for more posting. To that end, this requires mutual trust...because while I am willing to make this promise to you, I expect it to be given in return. I don't need IC posts consistently, but we will all need to communicate and keep dialogue open with each other to ensure the longevity of the game.

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I have got into 2 One piece games that died quickly after launch, I will give it a 3rd try!

Well that was fast..... Guess I need to try and re-read the MnM book thats been collecting dust this weekend now, so I can actually try and get this started.

Any slack you can cut for mostly a newbie with MnM would be helpful.

Originally Posted by ArcaneDesperado View Post
Well that was fast..... Guess I need to try and re-read the MnM book thats been collecting dust this weekend now, so I can actually try and get this started.

Any slack you can cut for mostly a newbie with MnM would be helpful.
No worries, the hardest part will be trying to decide what to do with your Powers tbh. Beyond that the mechanics themselves are almost obscenely simple. I would suggest if you want to learn the rules easy to just use some Pregenerated characters and just running a fake combat of 1 vs the other. Ignore the Powers and just focus on the stats to make everything make complete sense.

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