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The Fast and the Kung-Furious: Learning Feng Shui

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The Fast and the Kung-Furious: Learning Feng Shui

The Fast and the Kung Furious - Forum

About Feng Shui, 2nd Edition

Feng Shui is a mash-up of action flicks, kung-fu movies, and more outrageous attitude than the entire 1980's put together. If the fight scenes are over the top, then they're juuuuuust right for this game. Want to crawl through conveniently-large ventilation shafts on Christmas Eve? Go hand-to-hand with ghostly Chinese Sorcerers/Gang Bosses who're planning on sacrificing your green-eye gal to their god? Or just kick the face off your rival to win the All-Valley Karate Championship?

Then Feng Shui's for you.

About this Game

This is more about practicing a system than running a campaign. I've never even played Feng Shui, either edition, let alone GM'ed it. And, based on forum activity, I am guessing a lot of people haven't, either.

So, my plan is to run a few test sessions with willing players (I tried unwilling ones, once... that didn't work): we can all learn the system together. This isn't intended to be a pilot for an actual campaign, just a way to have fun and learn a new system. If things go well and everyone, including myself, are interested in a campaign, then that's a possibility but not a promise.

I am looking for players who are interested in learning (or who already know and are interested in helping others to learn). How many? Well, the first play test will be between 3-5 players, and if there is interest in more playtests that is possible (likely after the first one is over, not concurrently, but we can see). I expect each playtest will take about 1 week to 1 month (I'm not not positive due to lack of experience). Each playtest will primarily consist of a little set up and then a fight scene, or a chase scene, or some exploration of another aspect of the game/trope of action movies, etc.

If you're interested, check out the forum, the archetypes, and submit a (pretty quick) applications.

Game Description:

Johnny swerves the 1974 Firebird out of the way of the rocket, tires skidding on the cracked pavement and sending up a censer of burnt rubber. The entire car shakes from the rumblestrips, which is quite inconvenient for Jackie Lee as he struggles to keep his balance on the hood. Fortunately, Johnny's driving had thrown the ninja Jackie'd been fighting off balance, and he'd been able to send him tumbling over the roof of the car.

Glancing in the rearview mirror, Johnny catches his silhouette as the ninja fall to the pavement, lit by the explosion of the RPG round.

Old man Wu, the grocer from down the street, leans out of the passenger-side window and -- damn if Johnny knows how -- summons a fireball out of thin air to lob at the white van in front of them. The mooks with the RPG pull the backdoor close before it hits, but the blast melts them right off and leaves the goons stunned. Behind them, on the floor of the van, Johnny's uncle struggles against his bonds.

Johnny guns it and pushes a couple more horses out of that ol' engine. The car howls as they creep up right behind the van: Jackie jumps over and delivers a swift kick to each of the putzes, and sending them flying out of the van to get personal with the pavement speeding by below.

And that's when things start to get interesting.

Originally Posted by Voord 99 View Post
I kind of feel that this should have been called “The Fast and the Kung-Curious.
Yes. Yes, it should have been. Thought, get on this immediately.

Hi Tiffany, alas, not right now, but if you would be interested, there may be a 2nd play test after this one and I could reach out then.

I've been wanting to learn Feng Shui my entire life. I've only ever heard of it among tabletop circles, and from day one it sounded incredible. I love old action films, I love '80s martial arts films, I love asian-based fantasy, I love everything that Feng Shui brings to the table.

So let me ask this: Do you have such a plethora of players, that another one would be nerve wracking for you to account for?

Feng Shui 2? Feng Shui 2 explicitly for newbies like me? What have I done to deserve this gift?

So yeah, I'm interested.

We currently have one round running and, honestly, 6 players is probably a bit too much for PbP (it took forever for everyone to get a turn). That said, it's still possible that there'll be a second playtest (no promises, though).

I noticed that after looking a bit deeper. Fingers crossed for a second round!


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