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Spelljammer: Dark Void (AD&D 2E)

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Spelljammer: Dark Void (AD&D 2E)

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Recruiting at least 3 new players for this Spelljammer campaign. We have been running for over 2 years now, and due to some recent player losses are looking for some fresh blood. The perfect time to join is now, when new paths to adventure are opening. Come join the crew and help shape the destiny of Wildspace!

Somewhere, an entire crystal sphere exploded, sending massive waves rippling across the phlogiston. Caught up in these tsunami waves, called a 'phlonami', ships have been thrown drastically off-course. Some ships, riding the waves at such great speed, have been stranded far, far away from home.

New players will be characters who have been caught up in the phlonami, shoved off-course and totally lost. Whatever ship your characters were on have entered the first sphere they found, and recently landed on the asteroid port city known as Arios. As you come to terms with your situation, you realize you are a long, long way from home.


You can find specific character-creation rules HERE. Most characters will begin around level 5-6, and almost all races/classes/kits are allowed. Any player wishing to enter should create a new thread in the "Characters" area. Creation rules are very lenient, so I expect to see some above-average characters. You'll need every advantage you can get.

Current players include:
A half-elven gypsy-bard
A lizardman warrior
A hadozee cleric

The cutoff to submit is April 30th. Thank you!

About the DM: I'm an old-school D&D gamer who's been playing tabletop RPGs since the late 80's, and online and around play-by-email and play-by-post since the mid 90's. I've been running a 2E Forgotten Realms campaign here on Myth-Weavers for almost 4 years, and this campaign for over 2 years. I'm not too focused upon following every rule exactly as its printed, and while I do like to keep the game flowing forward, I encourage and reward good role-playing.

Game Description:

This is a fantasy campaign in space, using the AD&D Second-Edition (2E) rules within the Spelljammer campaign setting.

Game Style: Survival and exploration.

Posting Frequency: Twice a week. This can be faster or slower depending upon the speed of the players and/or DM, but at least twice a week at the minimum.

I applied in the past. Do you mind if I keep the mechanics and just re-skin the character?

Originally Posted by drkrough View Post
I applied in the past. Do you mind if I keep the mechanics and just re-skin the character?
That's very acceptable if you want to do that.

I don't have too much 2E experience (apart from playing the Baldur's Gate games more times than I'd care to admit in polite company,) but I've always been a huge fan of Spelljammer. I will try to cobble something together, but I'd just ask that if I do anything especially silly (either too powerful or too weak,) that you let me know, because it's probably not intentional.

Heads up, there was an assault in my shared house today, so I wont be posting today, but still interested!

I'll be looking over applicants this weekend.

There's still plenty of time to get a character entered, so no big hurry. I'll make final decisions at the end of the month.


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