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Thunderscape World of Aden

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Thunderscape World of Aden

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Aden is the name of the continent and world of the Thunderscape setting.
A land with ten great nations, which suffered a cataclysm only ten years ago known as Darkfall.
The sun was blotted and plunged into total darkness. During that brief instant, nightmares sprung to life, thousands of people died and numerous settlements were destroyed.

Even ten years later, creatures that emerged from this event, Nocturnals are still the greatest threat to Aden existence, combined with other villains emerging from the dark. With sorcery, bullet, steam, and blade, heroes have arisen and are fighting to save Aden.

For adventurers looking for fame, fortune or even some troubles, there aren't many places like Mekanus. Mekanus is a vast cosmopolitan metropolis, home to technological wonders, many rival factions, and many ancient ruins to uncover. It is also a fortress and one of the rare refuges in Urbana against the roaming Nocturnals in the countryside and surroundings polluted fields around Mekanus.

Urbana is the youngest nation, formed right after the Darkfall, the history of the nation is only a decade old.

A secret council, the Elders of Mekanus meet up in secret and decide on which bounties to post. To do jobs for the Elders of Mekanus, you have to show up to the Cogswheel Station for approval and once approved, these mercenary bounty hunters become known as the Cogswheel Irregulars.

An Irregular is given a badge of office and charter with the Elders official seal and details of the Mission. Carrying the charter and the badge makes you an official agent of the Urbanan government. Usually, most of this power is used for arresting criminals or granted access to restricted areas.

You have come to Mekanus for work, as an Irregular and put your talent to the test.

We will run through the Adventure Path Lost Lexicon for Thunderscape World of Aden.

Character creation:
Character applications go in this thread.
Sources: 1 PP Material, Kyoudai Games Thunderscape World of Aden and supplements, Dreamscarred Press Ultimate Psionic
Level: 1
Hit Points: Max at first level, average for the rest
Gold: Average Gold
Races of Aden:

Standard: Dwarves, Humans, Elves, Half-Elves
Psionic Races: Blues, Dromite, Duergar, Elan, Forgeborn, Half-Giant, Maenad, Ophidian, Noral, Xeph
New Races: Faerkin, Ferrans, Goreaux, Jurak, Rapacian

Alignment: Cogswheel irregulars are mercenaries by their nature but work to put down criminals/monsters and take bounties, so they tend to be either neutral or good.
Stats: 20 point buy.
Special Rules:
-2 traits, a drawback for a third one, Background Skills, Fractional Bonuses from Unchained.

-Clerics/Inquisitors/Warpriests don't worship deities directly but essentially follow a faith/personal philosophy. There are still some popular churches and the likes.

-Paladin isn't required to be lawful good, still a variant of good and must take a vow, inquire for more details.

-Favored class bonuses can be used by any race.

-Thunderscape firearms rules:

All firearms are part of the firearms weapon group, sniper rifles are exotic weapons:

Free Firearms Proficiency Feat: Alchemist, Cavalier, Barbarian, Fighter, Gunslinger, Magus, Paladin, Ranger, Occultist, Marksman, Psychic Warrior, Tactician

Holdout and Pistol Proficiency: Bard, Inquisitor, Rogue, Sorcerer, Summoner, Medium, Mesmerist, Spiritualist, Aegis, Cryptic, Dread, Soulknife

Sniper Rifle Proficiency: Inquisitor, Ranger, Rogue, Marksman

No Firearms Proficiency: Cleric, Druid, Monk, Oracle, Witch, Wizard, Kineticist, Psychic, Psion, Vitalist, Wilder

-Alchemical Items base cost 1/2 price.
-Poisons base cost 1/2 price.
-Spyglass cost 300 gp, masterwork glass cost 1000 gp.

New skill uses: Craft (Machinery) to build machines, Knowledge (Engineering) to repair/maintain them. There are other skill uses for heal, spellcraft, Use magic device, will address them later on.

Background: Where were you when Darkfall happened? So what made you decide to become a Cogswheel Irregular? What are your character goals?

Game Description:

Thunderscape the World of Aden.

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