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The Attevarian Wars

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The Attevarian Wars

The Attevarian Wars - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e


A land of beauty, bounty, adventure and war. Attevar is a combative nation that is constantly harassing the boarders of it's neighbors. How does it maintain stability you wonder? Well, the people of this nation are born into war. They are hard, persistent, strong, intelligent, wise, and all other aspects used to describe the heroes of the past. What keeps them at bay then? The armies around them. Attevar is surrounded by multiple armies of various races that have united against humankind. Most Attevarians believe that they were wronged and continue the fight as has been done before them. Sometimes losing ground and other times gaining enough to start new settlements. However, the enemy always returns.

To be Attevarian is to be Human. To worship Annos, the God Of Destiny. To know that you live for the exhilaration of the fight. To know that should you fail, humankind will end.

This game is not for the faint of heart. It is adult themed and there will be very detailed and gruesome ends to many npcs and possibly player characters. I will be actively trying to end your characters lives. Enemies of intelligence will act in accordance to their intelligence. Picture the anime Goblin Slayer mixed with Game of Thrones and you will get a feel of this game and how it will play out. If you decide to apply for this game you will be fighting an up-hill battle. Know this going in and prepare yourself for a very difficult but rewarding game.

If you're interested please check out the forums and submit your character's application.


Posting Expectations: I would like everyone to make at least one post every day but will accept one post every two days. Just thought everyone should know.

Game Description:


A game designed to test the player's wit, knowledge and luck! Based in a world of my design the players will work their way through the Attevarian Wars. The setting is based on a classical fantasy setting with adult themes.

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