Cloud Pix - Cantrip

Just a little cantrip that I cooked up for my players over the holiday:


Level: Cantrip
Casting Time: One Action
Range/Area: Sight
Components: VSM (a petrified apple or a hand sized astronomy chart )
Duration: Instantaneous
School: Illusion
Attack/Save: None
Damage/Effect: None

You point at a target and make a clicking sound with your tongue. A small puff of smoke appears and instantly vaporizes into the air and the image you targeted is stored in the clouds above you. For the next thirty days you can then reproduce the image of the target in a two dimensional format no bigger than 3x5 inches. You are able to zoom in and out to see closer details of the image by pinching or expanding your thumb and forefinger. You can only take 10 images per long rest and then your components must recharge. You can keep an image longer than 30 days by purchasing a storage plan through Gilmore's Glorious Goods at a cost of 5 GP a month which is immediately deducted from your coin purse while in the prime material plane.

Every two years you must replace the spell components at a cost of 200 GP. (Initial cost for components is free)