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Takder's Realms

Name: Unknown
Nick Name: The Rat
Age: he does not know
Weight: 120
Height: 5' 5"
Class: Gunslinger 1 / Cutthroat 1
Concept: As scavenger, does not have problem getting dirty
A hunter of his own food (using his hunting rifle), he learned by practice being sniper
Who dislike weapons since they are the cause of earth's destruction.
Role: Sniper, scavenger especially for parts

Appearance: The Rat is always covered from head to toe either by a ragged cloth or by a drab of various of materials knitted together. His face thought is not bad to look at but one can see the effect of diseases and harsh life.

Background: The Rat do not remember anything of his childhood except the the first day he realize that he is scavenging food at a dump.

Growing up he saw the destruction made by the noisy weapons. They have seen flesh town to pieces and building shredded to dust resulting to his hatred of guns. However, he understood that in this harsh world he need gun to survive. Living in this reality, he have tried to use various guns left behind. But the guns are too unstable and loud. Until he saw in his hiding place someone who is using a gun to hunt food. With courage he approach the old woman. Fortunately for him, the woman is sympathetic to him.

The hunter is good to him. She trained him and gave him his name - The Rat. Unfortunately, the good time he spent with the hunter did not last long. Like everyone else in this world, people die.

StatblockThe Rat
Human Gunslinger 1 / Cutthroat 1 CG
HP 15 / 15 Speed ft Init 4
AC 17 Fort 5 Ref 7 Will 4
CMB +2 BAB 2
MW Hunting Rifle +8 (2d8, 20/x2)
MW Axe, throwing +2 (1d6, 20/x2)
MW Machete +2 (1d6, 19-20/2)
MW studded leather (+3AC, +4 dex)

Bullets: (used/available) in the rifle 0/5; outside 0/30

Str 10 (0) Dex 18 (4) Con 14 (2) Wis 18 (4) Int 14 (2) Cha 8 (-1)

Character Name: Havrakhad Thatari
Race: Human
Profession: Soldier
Starting NPC Class: Warrior
Concept: A son of a blacksmith who heard a lot of adventure from his customers (soldier and adventurers). He especially was fascinated by story of honor and valor of soldier. He wanted to be come one but since their town is only small, he joined the towns militia/guard.

Player Ambitions:
1) To be as great military leader like "Generals" in the stories he heard
2) He may find a military group dedicated to his code.

AppearanceTanimin is 5'8" lean and muscled. He smartly wears his traveling clothes just like the soldiers in the stories he have heard. He also make sure that all his equipment are well polish and on top working order.

PersonalityTanimin is easy to be with, he is friendly and offers help without hesitation. However to the other member of the militia/guards of the village, he is overbearing always insisting on following a code. Tanimin though is callous to the taunting of the other members of the militia, almost everyday he tells of the code that every member should follow.

The code:
Courageous - he have the courage and heart necessary to undertake tasks which are difficult, tedious or unglamorous. He is graciously accept the sacrifices involved in doing such task.
"This has to be done for the greater good of the kingdom"

Lawful -follows the highest standard of behavior and he knows that compromising even little rules weakens the fabric of society for everyone.
"It all start will small compromises"

Valorous - he faithfully keep his promises no matter how big or small it is
"To loss one trust is easy"

Chivalrous - he upholds his conviction even if no one is watching
"Not because no one is watching, I will kill you when you surrendered"

Hopeful - especially in times of trouble, he have positive outlook of the world.
"There are still good people out there"

If only Thatari have not heard the adventurers and soldiers story, Brunderto is the place to settle. Its a peaceful place and most of the people are good and hardworking. Also, as someone who was gifted at forging tools like his father, he is set in Bruderto. But the turn of events in' Thatari's life made him yearn for more.

Events growing up
He started hearing stories of honor and valor of soldier, when he was still a boy. And after hearing more stories whenever he visits his father's forge, he became fascinated. So after awhile he became more frequent visitors of the forge which at first surprised his father but after learning the reason he let Thatari stay by making help out in the task.

The passing Paladin
One day, Thatari saw the truth of all the stories by the action of a passing paladin. Entralled by the paladin's action, he gathered his courage and steeled himself to face the paladin. Fortunately for him, the paladin receive him warmly. They got into a long conversation and before leaving the paladin gave him a book that contains code of "honorable and valorous" warrior. Even before reaching his home, he excitedly read the book. In the next few days and years, he voraciously read book and put to the content into heart.

Shadow of a dream
When he is off age, he volunteered to be a member of the village militia/guard. Offering more of his time than what is required.

Name : Morgrym Hammerheart (Age 40)
Height : 4' 1"
Weight : 158 lbs.
Race : Druegar
Profession : Carpenter//Potter//Guardsman
Class : Aegis

Appearance: At a closer look Morgrym pale complexion was not due to having lighter skin but from a hint of gray. When ask he always explained that it was a reaction to the sands he uses in his pottery. Other than his skin color, Morgrym is your typical dwarf stout and stocky. At 4'1", he is as tall as any dwarf.

Being a carperter, Morgrym does not grow his beard long. He trim it before it get in the way of his tasks. However, his hair have not been touched by a sharp object since his youth (20 years ago).

His crooked nose and big slash wound in the face, make him look grumpy and mean. However, when he smiles his face soften a little.

Personality: Morgrym smile at simple things. He is also helpful to the people of village. However, he is a reserved and timid not wanting to spill his secrets.

Background: Morgrym Hammeheart love the village since most of his needs are within reach. There is a river for he fished. There is a forest where he get his woods. And there is mine where he get metals; who have heard a dwarf who is not tinkering with metals. Also in he village, he have not experience the prejudice of being "druegar"; though msot villager may not know or care that he is a druegar. In addition in the village, he feels fruitful and useful as the town's carpenter. And his sense of duty and honor is satiated by being a volunteer guardsman.

However in the midst of these, Morgrym feared that his secrets will be discovered. He tries to hide his ability to repair broken item just by touching them, his ability to become invisible and his ability to became large. He feared that if the villagers discover any one of it, questions maybe raised and he will be forced to move out of the village. In addition, his parents have asked him not to reveal his abilities.

Morgrym Secrets
Family Secret - A love between enemies, always ended into banishment or separation. For Morgrym's Grandparents, they choose to exile themselves away from their own clans. And after were ridiculed or run off a village, they soon choose to be wanderers. Staying as long as they can in one village.

This is the way of life that his father experienced, a life without lasting friends. So a century ago when his father and mother learned about a new territory that need settlers, they together with his grandparents did not hesitate to go. And after finaly finding a place to settle down and be at peace, the family agreed to quietly live in the new outpost.

Morgrym's power - Fortunately for him and the family when he manifested his ability to became invisible 25 years ago, his parents and his grandparents have drilled into him the family history. So, when they asked him to stay out of the village before he mastered his ability, he readily complied. Six months later, he mastered his ability. And family explained his 6 months absence as a period that he trained for their family craft (pottery).

His ability to repair things by touch soon followed. To hide in plain sight his ability, he started his career in carpentry. Soon he fall in love with the trade and started building chairs and tables for the villagers.

His ability to became bigger manifested only a few years ago. A wild animal have attack some farmer's goat. When he went to investigate, a track lead to the forest. After entering the forest, he was charge by a tiger. Not ready for the charge, he was drop on the ground with the tiger on top of him. In his fear and desperation, he became big and bulky.

Human Monk Unchained 1 LN
HP 11 / 11 Speed ft Init 4
AC 16 Fort 4 Ref 4 Will 3
CMB +5 BAB 1
Unarmed Strike +5 (1d6, x2)
Shortsword +5 (1d6, 19-20/2 )
(, )
Handaxe +5 (1d6, x3)
Suriken +2 (1d2, x2)
Str 18 (4) Dex 14 (2) Con 12 (1) Wis 16 (3) Int 12 (1) Cha 7 (-2)

DescriptionLangzi has a pliant and meek face. And being the silent type who only talks when directly asked, his only friend is Enderaki daughter, Sabyl, or so he though. However, as he grew-up even though he still continues to be a silent type person, he started to warm up to others. He often try to be helpful and respectful of others especially to his elders.

Most of his time thought if not doing his chores or running errands for Enderaki, he trains his technique. And with the rigid training he put himself, under the simple robe that he usually wear is a well toned body.

BackgroundLangzi was a name given to him by Enderaki Sorn. In honor or Enderaki he have used it and claimed it to himself. He was not born in Sandpoint but to a village near the Hook Mountain. However, his 3 years life in the village is still blurry to this day. All he knows is what Enderaki told him. " Shalelu and I where following a smoke when we found you wandering in the forest all covered in sooth and bruises. And when we arrived in your village everything is laid in ruins. We noted.. well, Shalelu noted that the a week have gone by since the raid was made. We search for your parents if they fled to other villagers and towns but we did not find them. So I brought you home and claimed you as my son.".

When he was 16 year old, he tried to visit his original village. He failed and found trouble instead, he was attacked by a group of ogres. Two days later, he found himself back in Enderaki home being tended by Koya and behind him is Enderaki. When he look as Enderaki, he in his eyes understanding and calm reassurance. So when he was healed, he wanted Enderaki to be proud of him so he dedicated himself to his training. He also became more helpful to the people of Sandpoint.

DreamsHe wanted to visit the birth place of Enderaki and the monastery.
He still wanted to get rid of the ogres not for revenge but to ensure there will be no other victims who will suffer like him.

CHARACTER TITLEName: Thatari Havrakhad
Race: Half-elf (drow)
Age: 25
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Aegis 1/Soulbolt with War Soul 1
Sponsor: Glendower Pax

Stat block




Thatari Havrakhad found the market place already full of activity when he reached it. His hunt has taken longer than necessary because he was distracted by the summon of the clan elders. "I hope Annan, the butcher, will still take this. It is still fresh" Thatari thought followed by a sigh."

Thatari was relieved to find Annan all smile and happy when Annann saw him. After he and Annan completed their business, Thatari went directly to Sid's Science & Sundries shop. And as he entered the shop, he heard the whispers of some of the patrons.

"Ohh.. he is here again. Aren't he one of those weird people near the Hissing Wilds forest."
"Shhs.. he can hear you. I heard they can kill just looking at you.."
"I heard they are savages"
"No they are not. I was in the army and some of them joined in our fight. I say they are stern and well disciplined."
Ssssh.. here he comes

"They are not wrong in most counts" Thatari thought. "When is being stern taught to us" Thatari continued in his thought as he tried to remember the day he embraced the Silvershade way. The day he was caught unsheathing a sword.

"Thatari what are you smiling about" the 10-year old Baldo asked the 10-year old Thatari
"I think i saw a sword left behind in the dojo. Maybe one of the big brother left there sword again." Thatari replied.
"So what... what is there to smile about?" Baldo asked confused
"Come on follow me." Thatari said without looking back at his friend and going straight to the dojo
After a few seconds...
"What are you doing?!!!" Baldo asked aloud
"Don't be so loud" Thatari whispered as he creep slow at the sword. With an amazement in his eyes, he touch the hilt of the sword. "Stopp..... What are you doing?!!!" Baldo asked with fear in his voice. Not hearing his friend, Thatari started to unsheated the sword but he found himself splattered at the center of dojo. And as he rise up, a towering figure was gawking over him. "Who told you to touch my sword" asked the man in his booming voice. "Did your parents not instructed you that a Silvershade blade is his life" Thatari is fidgeting while looking straight at the warrior. "You're brave, I give you that.. half-breed" the big warrior smirked. "Maybe you have a hard learning our ways because you are a half-breed."
The warrior continued:
"Remember this, we are warriors. Warriors who are disciplined not unruly.

The shame and dishonor, he experience that day drive his immature self to be stripped overnight. After that day, he dedicated himself in learning the Silvershade way of life. He have fastened the
To die when to die is right, to strike when to strike is right
To upholds his conviction even if no one is watching
To faithfully keep his promises no matter how big or small it is
To exercise mercy in the midst of wrath
To honor thy enemies
warriod creed in his heart.

Eight years after, he was chosen to be part of the army of Glendower. In the army, he saw firsthand the destruction brought by the new technology. So after his stint in Glendower army, he tried to convince their elder of adapting the new technology. However, he was castigated. He was informed that he was young and he does not understand fully their way.........

"Welcome, welcome! . . . Don't touch that!" Sid the owner of the shop said aloud waking Thatari from his reverie.

"Hello Sid.. What are new today" Thatari asked with enthusiasm.

"Oh Thatari are you really certain you are Silvershade" Sid teased. Thatari replied with a shrug. "Ok, just look around. I hope there is something you would like to buy. Remember to be careful" Sid continued as he went to another customer.

After looking around and paying for one Zoomba, Thatari left Sid shop and started the long walk home remembering the clans decision of his faith. What other reason the elders called him but to finally decide if they accept his plea that they adopt new ways.

Thatari on a Journey"Why are you risking your life by sailing across the sea, let alone exploring an unforgiving wilderness? What drives you? What interests you?"
"Risking my life? mmm... I am doing this for my clan" Thatari answered but meanwhile he thought "Yes I am risking my life to start a new. Maybe if I succeed here the other Silvershade can see that technology and Silvershade way of life can compliment each other."

"How do you feel about about our progress? If I understand it correctly, it conflict with Silvershade way?"
"We need to adapt with the progress but we should not forget our ancestry. That is all i can say about that" Thatari looked the man in the eyes.

Personal itemsRanger's kit (9gp), Zoomba (100gp), Elven Curve (80gp), Chainshirt (100gp), Kit survival Masterwork (50), Buckler (5gp), Kit dugeoneering masterwork (130gp). 26gp remaining


Name: Baldo Nathfrea
Race: Human
Class: Fighter (Myrmidon/Martial Master) 3 ||Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) 3
Mythic Path: Guardian 1
Deity: Principle in line with Arete

Human Traits: Dual Talent, Medium, 30ft speed
Traits and Drawback: Blood of Dragon (RacialTrait), Schooled Inquisitor (Faith Trait), Practiced Initiator (combat Trait), Phantom Sparks (Drawback)
Scalykind Domain - Dragon Subdomain: Venomous Stare (Sp), Dragon Breath (4th Level)


Concept: Since he was young, Blado heart have been tugging him to be a hero of the weak. This lead him to join the army. But the army was not the "force of good" he thought it would be. In the army, he participated in some atrocities done. This crushed him to the core.

After the war, he started drinking and almost in a fight. However, because he was good at what he does, merchant and other lords still employ him. In one of the engagement, he tried to take every by himself and he almost died. He traveled far and wide to search for an answer until he found a remote monastery of Arete. Their he tried to live a simple life, far from his past and tried to learn about Arrte's principle.

However, his past keep haunting him and he does not seem to fit with the cleric and acolyte of Arete.

In the monastery, he learned more about the Pandemonium. When the call was made, his heart understood that this has been what it longed for but he cannot reconcile the calling and his past.



Mythic Path
Sensate (
Path of War
Mrymidon) 3

Discipline, , Grit, Deeds, Bonus feats Guarded Senses (Su) Bravery +1, Uncanny Dodge (Su) Armor training

Domain, Judgment 1/day, Strong-Willed (Ex), Orisons, Stern gaze, Cunning initiative, Detect alignment, Track, Defense against Magic (Ex), Foil Casting (Su)

Guardian Feature
Sudden Block (Su) : vs melee attack
Martial Power
Max Rank: +1
Broken Blade Discipline, Golden Lion Discipline,Primal Fury Discipline, Scarlet Throne Discipline

Known: 5 || Readied: 3


(DC = 10 + spell level + Wisdom modifier)

Level 0
Known : 6 || Use: Unlimited
Guidance, Light, Read Magic, Stabilize, Detect Poison, Create Water

Level 1
Known: 4 || Ready: 3
Bed of Iron, Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor, Expeditious Retreat

1st Tier : Fast Healing (Ex)

Grits and Deeds
No of Grit: Wisdom modifier

Level 1: (Cost = 1 Grit)
Unbreakable (Ex), Heroic Recovery (Ex), Man of Action (Ex)

Level 3: (atleast 1 Grit remaining)
Ready for Trouble (Ex), Utility Trick (Ex)

Level 6: (Cost = 1 Grit)
Warrior’s Determination (Ex)

Scalykind Domain - Dragon Subdomain

Level 1: (DC = 10 + 1/2 character level + Wisdom modifier)
Venomous Stare (Sp)

Level 4: Dragonbreath (Su)

Use: 1/day

Destruction, Healing, Justice, Piercing, Protection, Purity, Resiliency, Resistance, Smiting

Level || BAB || Skills
Fort || Ref || Will
Automatic Bonus Progression
1 || +1 || 6+int
+0.50 || +0.33 || +0.50
Resistance +1
Level 1
2 || +1 || 6+int
+0.50 || +0.33 || +0.50
Armor attunement +1
weapon attunement +1
3 || +1 || 6+int
+0.50 || +0.33 || +0.50
Deflection +1
Level 3

4 || +1 || 6+int
+0.50 || +0.33 || +0.50
Mental prowess +2
5 || +1 || 6+int
+0.50 || +0.33 || +0.50
Physical prowess +2
6 || +1 || 6+int

+0.50 || +0.33 || +0.50

Armor attunement +1/+1
resistance +2
toughening +1
weapon attunement +1/+1

Human Traits
Dual Talent: Some humans are uniquely skilled at maximizing their natural gifts. These humans pick two ability scores and gain a +2 racial bonus in each of those scores. This racial trait replaces the Ability Score Racial Traits, Bonus Feat and Skilled
Size: Humans are Medium creatures and thus receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Base Speed: Humans have a base speed of 30 feet.
Languages: Humans begin play speaking Common. Humans with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic). See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages.

Traits and Drawbacks
Blood of Dragons (Long ago, your ancestors' blood mixed with that of dragons.) Benefit: gain low-light vision
Schooled Inquisitor (Your additional training aids in identifying the wiles of your faith's enemies) Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus on all Knowledge (planes) and Knowledge (religion) checks made to identify the abilities and weaknesses of creatures.
Practiced Initiator (Combat) Pick an initiating class—your initiator level in that class gains a +2 trait bonus as long as this bonus does not raise your initiator level above your current Hit Dice

Scalykind Domain - Dragon Subdomain
Venomous Stare (Sp): You are a true lord of reptiles, able to induce pain, panic, and confusion with a mere glance, and your mesmerizing eyes can even drive weak creatures into unconsciousness. As a standard action, you can activate a gaze attack with a 30-foot range. This is an active gaze attack that can target a single creature within range. The target must make a Will save (DC = 10 + 1/2 your cleric level + your Wisdom modifier). Those who fail take 1d6 points of nonlethal damage + 1 point for every two cleric levels you possess and are fascinated until the beginning of your next turn. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier. This is a mind-affecting effect.
Dragonbreath (Su): At 4th level, you may use a breath weapon once per day as a standard action. When you gain this ability, choose acid, cold, fire, or electricity—this determines what kind of damage your breath weapon deals. Once you make this choice, you cannot change it later. Your breath weapon fills a 15-foot cone, and deals 3d6 points of damage—this damage increases by 1d6 points at every even-numbered level you gain beyond 4th level. A creature hit by your dragonbreath attack can attempt a Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 your cleric level + your Wisdom modifier) to take half damage. At 9th level, you can use this ability two times per day, and at 1 4th level you can use it three times per day.

Kousei Blackstone
Class: Sensate (
Path of War
Mrymidon) Fighter 1 Init 2, HP 14/14, Speed 30
AC 12 (17), Touch 12, Flat-footed 10, CMD 18, Fort 5, Ref 2, Will 4, CMB +6, BAB +1 Favored Class:(+1 HP)
Abilities Str 20 (+5), Dex 15 (+2), Con 17 (+3), Int 14 (+2), Wis 18 (+4), Cha 9 (-1)
Condition None

Weapons and Armors:
Crossbow, light (30 bolts [3gp]) +3 (1d8, 19-20/x2)
Two-handed Bastard Sword +7 (1d10+5, 19-20/x2)
Scale Mail (+5 Armor, +2 Dex)

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Human Male
Human Traits:
Some humans are uniquely skilled at maximizing their natural gifts. These humans pick two ability scores and gain a +2 racial bonus in each of those scores. This racial trait replaces the Ability Score Racial Traits, Bonus Feat and Skilled
Dual Talent;
Humans are Medium creatures and thus receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Medium Size:; Base Speed: 30ft;
Humans begin play speaking Common. Humans with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).
Traits and Drawback:
(Long ago, your ancestors' blood mixed with that of dragons.) Benefit: gain low-light vision
Blood of Dragons


Thann is frozen. His body is damp with cold sweat. He cannot even move his limbs to run away. All he can do is to squinched his eyes till it hurts to bury the death all around, and to pressed his trembling hand to his ears to block all the screams, wails and moans of death.

He did not recognize that he is also screaming until exhaustion finally found him. He then slide sideways to the cold and sleeky ground.

When he opened his eyes briefly, he is in a wagon moving away from the City. The next time he opened his eyes, he is in a hut tended by Nathaniel Underhill, a brother of his father in the Order.

Many changed that day.His innocence shattered. His smiles tempered.

Twelve years later...

A cold wind sailed through the sweating body of Kousei Blackstone, formerly known 12 years ago as Thann Tannerwillow, as he finishes the final moves of the martial discipline he have been training in the last 10 years. After sheathing his sword, Kousei opened his eyes and look at the beautiful scenery unfolded before him. In front of him is a large lake surrounded by sporadic cluster of small trees. Beyond the lake is the Hissing forest climbing its way to the three towering mountain piercing the dawning sky.

After few minutes images of the past come tumbling back. "Maya..." The image of a young girl in purple dress screaming while being draged away. "Father..." The image of a warrior defending his family. "Mother..." The image of a woman embracing her daughter as she cry out to his son to run.

HookHe needed to be strong - strong enough to face those who orchestrated the downfall of the Drakes. In his quest to be the strongest, he will join groups that will help enhance his sword fighting or fighting skills in general. He will join treasure hunters to earn enough funds.

He plans to create a mercenary company following the code of the Drakes.

Drakish Order Code Courageous - he have the courage and heart necessary to undertake tasks which are difficult, tedious or unglamorous. He graciously accept the sacrifices involved in doing such task.
"This has to be done for the greater good of the kingdom"

Lawful -follows the highest standard of behavior and he knows that compromising even little rules weakens the fabric of society for everyone.
"It all start will small compromises"

Valorous - he faithfully keep his promises no matter how big or small it is
"To loss one trust is easy"

Chivalrous - he upholds his conviction even if no one is watching
"Not because no one is watching, I will kill you when you surrendered"



Name:Colonel Baldo Blackstone
Race: Human
Class: Fighter (Myrmidom/Psionic) 6 / Aegis 9
Human Traits: Dual Talent, Medium, 30ft speed
Traits and Drawback: Blood of Dragon (RacialTrait), Practiced Initiator-fighter (Combat Trait)
Abilities Str 18 (+4), Dex 12 (+1), Con 14 (+2), Int 14 (+2), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 12 (+0)

Armor: Out of Battle (Astral Skin); In Battle ( Astral Jageurnaut); Astral Armor (situational); When using bow (Astral Skin)

Baldo was destined from birth to be a soldier.

"As the first and only son, you have the honor to continue the tradition of Blackstone family. To be counted as a protector of the realm.", is his father's constant words to him. He believes that even when he still in the womb, his father has been speaking those words to him.

For Baldo, growing up means constantly training in the martial combat. He was given no time to play. (And to the one time he tried to sneak out to enjoy the celebration in the plaza, he was severely punished.) When he was considered of age by his father at age 10, he was entered into the King's Academy. He survived the hatred, cruelty, and derision of his older classmates. To the contempt of most of his classmates, he graduated young and at the top of his class.

His years in army are spent in the front line at first as only one of elite soldier. And in a few years, he is commanding his battalion.

In one skirmishes he participated, he save a member of his squad Baruc.

His many exploits and wins are known throughout the Kelsire Kingdom and throughout the realm. Because of these exploits, no one dared to attack the Kelsire Kingdom.

Many soldiers see him as hero but only few dared to volunteer into his battalion. They have heard how strict he with his soldier. And he does not tolerate soldier who are lax.


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