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Takder's Realms

Dolgrin Stonehammer
Mountain Men (Half-dwarves) Lore Warden 3 / Warpriest 1

Father of Creation Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 148
Alignment LG
Areas of Concern Forges, protection, strategy
Domains Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, Protection
Subdomains Archon (Good), Archon (Law), Caves, Construct, Defense, Fortifications, Industry, Judgment, Metal, Toil
Favored Weapon Warhammer
Symbol Iron hammer
Sacred Animal(s) Badger
Sacred Color(s) Gold, gray

Heirloom Weapon trait : proficiency with that specific weapon
Heirloom Weapon:
Benefit: The fauchard is more awkward to utilize than a glaive (and as such is an exotic weapon), but its increased threat range over the glaive and the ability to trip foes make it a dangerous weapon in the hands of a skilled user.
Weapon Feature(s): reach, trip

CMB : +3 (BAB) +4 (Str) +0 (size) +1 (weapon focus) +1 (enhancement) +2 (manuever mastery)

Magical Items: Shield +1, Fauchard +1, Wand of Bed of Iron

Other Item:
Benefit: This heavy, reinforced helmet can be used to make melee attacks. The wearer may use the helmet when attempting bull rush maneuvers, granting a +2 circumstance bonus on the check, but after completing the maneuver (whether successful or not), the wearer is staggered until the end of his next turn.

In addition, a dwarven boulder helmet grants a +2 circumstance bonus to the wearer's AC against critical hit confirmation rolls. A dwarven boulder helmet can be enchanted as a weapon (not as armor, despite providing some protection).

A dwarven boulder helmet adds 20% to the wearer's arcane spell failure chance. It occupies the head slot and is made of metal, not stone, meaning that it can be crafted from unusual materials as a metal weapon.
Helmet, dwarven boulder

Appearance : Like most half-breed, Dolgrin is stout, burly and short (compared to humans size). He always wear his fullplate when he is out of his room for he always felt naked without it.

Personality : Grumpy and stern and yet he is dedicated to his companions. He learned, as a member in the village under the mountain, the value of loyal and camaraderie. What he can not express in word, he expresses by his actions.

Background : In their village Dolgrin is a member of the militia who from time to time help out in some carpentry works, like repairing buildings, dikes and fenses.

Growing up , he have been curios of how his human "kins" live. But as someone who have heard humans biases, he have not dared to set foot in to thier villages or cities and beside he is busy in their village. However when he heard about undermountain, he volunteered to go and claim of the treasurers of the undermountain for their village. At the back of his mind, it is also his chance to see the custom of human kin, he hoped that this journey will also quench his curiosity.

Name: Anhric the Barbarian
Race / Gender: Human Male
Class / Level : Bloodrager (Prowler at World's End) 8
Variant Multiclass : Sorcerer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Background: Anhric was once part of a big clan up North but that was many years ago. Now his clan is scattered and he is a vagabond without a home.


CHARACTER TITLEName: Ahnric Kailash
Race: Human
Age: 20
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class:Soulknife 1/Aegis 2

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BackgroundAhnric Kailash was born in the city of Zimar to a mother who was getting by and had no trouble feeding another mouth but had trouble watching over it, as there was no knowledge of who Ahnric's father was. So he would have to go with his mother throughout the town, witnessing from an early age the problems of poverty and crime that many children would have been sheltered from. He showed no reaction to much of what he witnessed, uttering no cries, but something in his internal self changed.

When he was old enough to get around on his own through the streets, Ahnric often found himself with the smaller and less fit children of the town. He would protect them from stones thrown by bigger kids with his own body, and his fists if he had absolute need to. He never went out of his way to engage the bullies, nor did he retaliate with words, his violence only came if his friends were in danger where it was required. In fact, Ahnric helped many adults who needed help with small tasks too, and he became known as a "good kid."

On Ahnric 11th birthday, he was kidnapped by evil witches. But, on the way to the North, the witches encountered a Psionic tribe, which immediately followed by intense batlle. When the witches noticed that they are to be defeated, they tried to kill all their captives including Ahnric. Fortunately for Ahnric, he was only heavily injured (which may have caused his memory loss).

Noting that Ahnric was still alive and with a psionic aura, the Psionic tribe brought him to their tribe. In the tribe, he regained his health but his memory took years to return. During his stay in the Psionic tribe village, he dedicated his time training his psionic power when he was not out on duty as a sentry. After years of painstaking training, he mastered manifesting his armor and learned to augmented his weapon. On the day, he mastered his psionic powers, all his memory when he was 11 returned. Since, he also trained well his will, he took the mixed emotion of sadness and happiness that he felt with stride. After a month of consolidating his memory and his emotions, he ask leave to visit city of Zimar to look for her mother. Seeing the desire in his eyes, the elders granted his request.

At Zimar, he learned that his mother move to the sleepy village of Heldren. Unfortunately, in Heldren he learned that his mother passed away a year earlier. Saddened by the news, he look toward North where the white witches are.

After the war between Manadale and Maunnabuldgia, the societies/villages in the Magewood became forbidden from outsiders. The villages also became a warrior-based societies to ensure that being helpless just like in the past (during war between Manadale and Maunnabuldgia) will not happen again.

So at a young age, Taninim Aemilius learned warfare even before he learned how to read and write. Also he have learned about discipline, duty and endurance (which is engrave in Taninim's bones). During this time, even with continuous physical fatigue and survival hardship, Tanimin push on with his sheer willpower. He wanted his parent to be proud of him.

Upon learning about the heroic deeds of the Deep Eye Rangers, the gallant and noble part of him was awaken. This have driven him to be more dedicated in his training. Also, it became his determination to one day become a member of the Deep Eye Ranger.

When he was not training, he spent most of his time reading books or asking his elders about the arcanist. Because at a young age, to his mind the arcanist are most hated adversary the people of Magewood have because of the disdain and wariness of the elders towards the arcanists.

As he grew up to become a young man, his experiences and fighting capability increased significantly. And with his leadership skill, he was chosen to lead a squad (group of young man) of the village militia. When he was not doing his duty in militia, from time to time he helps out in carpentry, hunting and farming.

Since his dream of becoming a Deep Eye Ranger is not yet fulfilled, when his is not in duty or needed in the village, he spent his time training his skill.

During his time in the militia, he have run ins with various outsiders; The "bad" human/creature are killed before they left the forest, while, the "not so bad" are driven out of the forest. The experience he had with different individuals broaden his horizon. These experiences helped change his view of arcanist from hateful to disdainful.

Taninim Aemilius
Taninim Aemilus |Ranger| Level: 6 | AC: 21 | HP: 56/56 | Init: 4 | Saves F +8 R +11 W: +6 | Conditions See spoiler

| | |


CHARACTER TITLEName: Ahnric Kailash
Race: Human
Age: 25

Stat block

Traits & Flaws



BackgroundAhnric Kailash was born in a village near the city of Ankhalur to a family that was just getting by. His father, who sustained a heavy injury during his militia days, often stayed at home; when his injury is not hurting, he does odd jobs in the village. His mother sells some produce harvested from their small plot or some medicinal plants, they forage in the nearby forest. He would often accompany his mother throughout the town and the city to sell their product. In the city, he witness from an early age the problems of poverty and crime that many children would have been sheltered from.

When he was old enough to get around on his own through the streets, Ahnric often found himself with the smaller and less fit children of the city. He would protect them from stones thrown by bigger kids with his own body, and his fists if he had absolute need to. However, as he learned that he is not good as he think with his fist, he started to retaliate from afar. He never went out of his way to engage the bullies, nor did he retaliate with words. His violence only came if his friends were in danger where it was required. In fact, Ahnric helped many adults who needed help with small tasks too, and he became known as a "good kid." And unbeknownst to Ahnric, Alastar Aodhan, one of the adults he helped, is a member of the secretive Council Wraiths and became interested on him. With his constant contact with Alastar, the good qualities of Ahnric is noticed. After few more months of observing Ahnric, Alastar took Ahnric as an apprentice in his smithy. Ahnric was grateful for this kindness given by Alastar; moreso, because of the employment, his family situation became much better.

After a few months in Alastar smithy, Alastar notice that though Ahnric may not be adept at using the hammer but with his cold and firm dedication he was able to forge weapons and armor with good quality. On the other hand, Ahnric have shown his knack in making and disassembling traps. And so, Alastar tested Ahnric deftness and litheness; when Alastar saw Ahnric was adept, Ahnric was also trained in Alastar other skills. During this period, Alastar also introduce Ahnric to the spirituallity of the world. After few more years and Alastar became satisfied with Ahnric growth, he recruited Ahnric to the Council Wraiths.

Upon learning that his master (Alastar) was a member of the Council Wraith, Ahric was surprised and in awe. (As he grew up, he has learned how power the Council is.) Anhric also felt more grateful for Alastar because of this new opportunity given to him. So without hesitation, he bowed to his master as appreciation for all the things his master have done for him. And for all the favor he received from Alastar, he vowed to return the favor and not disappoint him.

Race: Halfling
Age: 20
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) 3

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"Your swordplay is shabby, but my God your breath could knock out all five heads of a hydra at a hundred yards."

CHARACTER TITLEName: Korvin Steinthor
Race: Human
Age: 28
Class: Dread Investigator 10 || Aegis 10

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BackgroundDuring his younger years, Korvin entered the Darkwood that was well know in their village and other surrounding villages to be a forbidden zone. Anyone who entered either did not return or those who return became afraid of even their shadows. However, during that time, Korvin, to his mind does not have a choice, because one of his flock entered the Darkwood. He never lost a sheep before and if his father learned that he lost a sheep, his father will not let him live this down. So when he saw the sheep entered the Darkwood, he only hesitated for a few breath before sprinting toward the Darkwood. He even felt like running into a nightmare but he steeled himself. As he entered the Darkwood, he felt a chill, it was't only from the cold or darkness -- it was from a sense of being watched. He observed the ancient branches, gnarled, swaying and creaking in the breeze. He was barely 20 paces into the woods when he heard a eerily sound then he fainted. When he awoken, he was being treated by Orkiv Halvard, a member of Order of the Larkspur.

"You are lucky boy, I was in the area. Otherwise, your soul have been drained." Orkiv castigated him while looking at him sternly and with little scorn for being a foolish boy.

He just accepted his reprimand meekly and look down timidly. He was further scolded by his father when he returned to the village.

A few days after his ordeal, he experience a drain in his energy and his constitution. Fortunately for him, Orkiv have stayed in their village because his business in the Darkwood is not completed. Orkiv is able to treat his ailments. And when Orkiv examined his body, Orkiv was surprised to notice that Korvin's body have adopted to his affliction; his body became more resistant to negative damage. Wanting to learn more about Korvin, Orkiv accepted Korvin as an apprentice.

In the next few years, Orkiv observe Korvin and also taught Korvin about the undead and some spells to help him fight against the undead. Also, during this years, Korvin's psionic power is manifested. Since Orkiv was not expert in psionic field, Orkiv introduce Korvin to another member of Order of the Larkspur. After few more years, Korvin mastered the manifestation of his psionic and gain more knowledge about the undead. When Orkiv believe that Korvin was ready. He was inducted into the Order of the Larkspur. Immediately, he began his assignment with the order.

Few more years later...

After returning from another successfully assignment, he was assigned to a new team whose mission was to sneak in and steal the phylacteries of the liches then escape with the phylacteries so that these may be purified by the Order of the Larkspur.


The ShepherdName: Korvac Stein
Race: Human
Age: 10
Profession: Shepherd
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Ranger
Language: Chondathan

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As Korvac rested himselft beneath a tree, he look at his flock. They are well trained, always gathering and gnawing away contentedly at the green grass or whatever grass they could find. Without thinking, he counted them; looking for the black marks stained on their wools. Satisfied that no sheep is missing, he relaxes.

Korvac is the youngest child of the village herdsman so the responsibility of taking care the sheeps rest in his shoulders. His two siblings (brother and sister) are helping their parents taking good care of the bigger farm animals. Korvac is happy with the arrangement since he love to be in the open field. He often run around and up-down the hills; he lives running with his arms opened like wings because he felt like he is flying.

Korvac Looting?Korvac Stein
Korvac stood on the highest hill, while at his back the flock are lazily eating their fill without care of the world, looking north, beuond the horizon, searching intently of any sign of motion. "No caravan has come again." Korvac sighed but in his eyes something fired up.

After returning home, his resolution firmed up. He did not tell his parents and his siblings what he planned to do because he does not want them to worry. So, he search the house stealthily for something he can take without undermining the family's livelihood. However, in the end, he was only willing to take what he already have at hand (quarterstaff, leather shirt, leather belt, leather shoes, sling, belt, belt pouch, and waterskin) and his belongings (his bedding and some clothes). He hesitated for a while before taking the backpack that he always carry herding the sheeps.

Before walking out of the house, he left a letter to his family telling them not to worry about him.

CHARACTER TITLEName: Alaster Adaire
Race: Human
Nationality: Yodish
Age: 17
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Warrior Class (Hurler) 1 || Combat Wizard 1
Language: Yodish, Wennish, Wokodumish

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BackgroundAlaster father, an ambitious clan head, wanted to increase the family/clan status in the Yodish society. Being just of the merchant class, he felt lacking. Since the arcanist are the rulers of Yodish, he wanted his son to become an arcanist too. Thus, even when Alaster is still in his mother's womb, his life is already set by his father.

His father wanted to increase the chance of the baby (Alester) being born attuned to magic, so his father asked his mother to drink many potions. His father was not disappointed as Alaster was born with ability to be an arcanist (as the arcanist hired by his father gave the evaluation.)

So at age three (3), even before he learns how to read and write common written text, he is already being taught magical knowledge. His first introduction to the magic of Incarnum is about magical creatures and items - which until this day his fascination with these have not extinguish. Studying and learning magic was what he spent most of his time. So by age 5, many information has crammed into his tiny brain. (During this time, he saw other children playing in the yard and out in the street; something grows within.) By age 10, he was not able to contain the urge of his youthful blood. He started sneaking out and playing with the other kids; he loved it - he rather be outside than wallowing with the books. However, when his father learned of this, he was scolded and heavily reprimanded. He was forbidden to go out their compound until he learned magic. However, Alaster began to falter in his study. Seeing this, to motivate him, he let Alaster learn martial fighting. This resulted to a positive change to Alaster, he became too enthusiastic on his studies.

Unbeknownst to his father, Alaster begun studying alchemy. He have seen the effect of alchemical bomb as demostrated by his martial instructor. So from then on, he started to learn how to effectively use alchemical bombs in combat. After years of training, he eventually comprehended the effective use of alchemical bomb. Meanwhile, his study of magic of incarnum also improved.

Now, he was 17 and asked his father to accompany their caravan toward The Northern Marchlands. With the support of his instructor, his father agreed. So Alaster was elated.

Pursuit1. In the The Northern Marchlands, he will search for alchemical materials.
2. Though he prefer martial training to magical training, he was fascinated by magical creatures and magical objects. He would like to roam the world and search for the lost magical civilizations (Ala.. Indiana Jones and Jack Hunter), creatures and items.
3. He always searches for alchemical materials that he can use in his crafting of alchemical items.
4. He want to prove to his father that he can help the family increase in reputation even he will not become a part of the ruling class of the Yodish government.


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