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Melzanna A'Daragon
Lady of the Night
Royal Descendant || Mafia Lieutenant || Shadow Wrath

"Your family is only one that stays with you till the end."

RACE: Drow
CLASS: Harbringer

Painting of her hanging in her family manor

For centuries, A'Daragon name was known in the city. The family had great connections and multiple businesses. The family legend tell, that they earned their fortune after great Mirid A'Daragon killed ancient dragon and claimed all his treasure. It's true that family had much money. Three of A'Daragon children: Mallagain, Melzanna and Zinnia were to inherent great fortune.
Melzanna grew up in wealth and prosperity. She had everything granted. Luckily, her parents made sure she gets proper education and training. From studying various subjects to training with various weapons, Melzanna consumed all the knowledge. She was also clever and knew how to use it to achieve what she wanted. She had also specific talent - she combined dark art and fighting. Like most drows, she's been taught to use grace instead of pure, raw force in combat. She was always weak and not too tough, but she made it up with great dexterity and clever mind. Many of finest A'Daragon had magical gift, but in Melzanna case, it was a little different. She couldn't learn how to cast spells, but she developed a talent to bring fear in hearths of others. Her magic was less arcane an more malicious.
When Melzanna turned 47, she started to help her parents in business. At first, she was just showing on this or other party as additional attraction. She hadn't had too much social grace at this young age, but she was still desperate to help her parents, so she found another way: listen and analyze. This was something she was good at. She knew how to use gathered information best and how to turn one's weakness into their doom. She had really good talent for finding the source of ones fear.
Shortly after she reached adulthood, her parents got into real troubles. They got into conflict with Officer Sigimond Ef'nal'kan. They kicked him out of his house for not paying the rent. He was furious and swore to destroy entire family of A'Daragon. For years he done everything in his power to stop their business from working. From surprise control in their factory, which suddenly found illegal weapon, to arresting Melzanna father for bribery. He was killed even before trial. This really hurt A'Daragon trio. Mallagain took some money, family sword and left look for luck elsewhere. Zinnia cut herself off the family and opened small store in trade district. Only Melzanna stayed with her mother. With grieving mother and no father, Melzanna had to gather herself quickly to save what was left of her father's legacy. Sigimond wasn't done. Under some other false charges, he tried to arrest Zinnia. This was enough. Opportunity arise when Sabre took over the city put the prohibition. Rise of the crime way gave Melzanna occasion to make contacts with various criminals. She even managed to hire assassin to deal with Sigimond, but sadly she was caught before the deal was done and almost put behind bars for ordering murder. Surprisingly, she got attention of Sabre. They made a deal: In exchange of freedom and service for Sabre, Sigimond would receive permanent ban for doing anything against A'Daragon family. Of course Melzanna could get him fired, but this way, revenge was sweeter.
During one of first work, she got into fight with street thug calling himself "Lord Eladen". She hurt his eye so badly, that he lost sight.
With time she managed to achieve position of Lieutenant, but her job is still not done yet.

Young looking Drow. Melzanna is rather young for a drow. She has deep, silver eyes and white hairs. Her skin is light gray and smooth. You can easily say she is not used to physical work, although she is well built. Usually, she wars long dresses like every rich noble should, but during her "Other works" she use ceremonial armor similar to the one she wears on the painting above. Usually, she carry one or two switchblade knives and revolver for self defense, but if she prepares for some mission, she also takes copy of her family sword and rifle with scope.

Melzanna values loyalty. Since she was young, she was taught that family is most important. She treat betrayal as sign of weakness and punish it hard. When she puts her battle cloths and take weapon in her hand, she gets cold and calculative, but day to day situation she is warm and open. From time to time, Melzanna likes to use her family connections to get into some club or bal to have some fun with high spheres, but usually, simple book reading is good enough. She is brave, but tends to avoid open conflict because she simply know that it doesn't always end well. Mostly, she will try to either get some sort of deal or just intimidate her opponent to achieve victory. When Melzanna was young, she learned to dance pretty well. Now she do it mostly for simple fun, but if it comes to combat, it turns out that dance moves work just as good as other acrobatic stuff. Her favorite food is pizza and from time to time she likes to drink red wine (thanks to her family resources, she doesn't need to buy it, so it's perfectly legal).

FAMILY NAME: Melzanna do whatever is in her power to keep up with family name. It is very important to her not to fail on this task
REVENGE: As long as Melzanna is working for Sabre, Sigimond can't make a move against her family.

Officer Sigimond Ef'nal'kan: One of many corrupted cops in this city. He is especially mean for A'Daragon family, as he holds personal grudge against them. He always look for opportunity to cause them troubles.
Lord Eladen: Their enmity first arisen when during one of the fights Melzanna damaged his eye. He tried to get revenge for years, but since she quickly after the fact became lieutenant in mafia, which made his vengeance much harder. To achieve it, he joined rival organization and climbed in ranks to achieve some degree of power. He still has no way for revenge, but he hopes to find some occasion.

Contacts / Friends / Family
  • Mallagain A'Daragon - prodigal son and oldest heir of A'Daragon Family. He left the city and Underdark to look for adventures. He is meanest and rudest of all. He is pure evil, but like every A'Daragon he cares deeply for his family. Location: Unknown
  • Zinnia A'Daragon - Youngest of A'Daragon Trio. She is the only one not directly involved into family business. She runs a small clothing store in trade district. Moderately famous. She tried to cut off the family ties but failed. From time to time she helps with one or two things, but always wants something in return and prefers not to involve if not necessary.

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Work done

God's Wrath
Leader of Angelic Legions
Guardian of Silver Gates || Slayer of Hellish Prince || Last Archangel
{Theme Music}

"When destiny finds you, you can either run from it or accept it."

RACE: Angel
CLASS: Angel//inquisitor
TEMPLATE: Soulfire

Like other archangels, I was created when multiverse achieved it final form. From the beginning I kept hearing stories of older and much more powerful beings, but I never believed in it. Since my beginning, I was weakest of all Archangels, but I still had enough power to annihilate simple creature with one strike. When I was still young, my brother Lucifer betrayed rest of Us and tried to become ruler of everything. He allied with demons and tried to destroy Heaven, but ultimately failed and became forever bound in chains in the deepest part of Hell.
For eons, I helped humanity and other races. I particularly favored the 20th and 21st century. I often visited one or another world to guide them or protect them from danger, depending what they needed.
Even bonded, Lucifer could lead demons as prince of Hell, coordinating fight and gathering souls that granted him more and more power. I encountered multiple demons during my life, but most powerful ones avoided me. I was most devoted to destroying plague of demonic influence that arose after my brother took control of hell out of all my brothers. I was known as God's Wrath, Scourge of All Demons. When Lilith, evil brother's second-in-command, assassinated Guardian of Heaven: Raphael, I took the responsibility and became Guardian of Silver Gates.
Not too long after the assassination, Lucifer broke free and lead armies of Hell to destroy his former home. Michael and I, together with angels done everything in our power to stop them. We were loosing. For every defeated demon two arose. Everything seemed lost, when Michael fled the battlefield. Not long after, bright purple light flooded the demon and angel army alike, wrecking them and killing many of weaker ones. To protect my allies, I released most of my power to shield and then teleport away most of angels. Demons already abandoned the scene, leaving me alone with my Evil Brother alone.
Two last soldiers standing in the middle of battlefield, around them there are numbers of defeated allies of either side. The battle was over, but the two of them couldn't give up. Both are wounded and tired, but they fight with great energy out of pure sense of duty or primal rage and fury We fought for many days, exchanging swift strikes, counters and tons of powerful magic. Although normally, we wouldn't be equal in power and I was weakened by protecting his army, Lucifer took full hit of purple light. After first few hours, we were tired. After a day, exhausted. After three, Lucifer made first mistake. I took the opportunity and stroke with full force, shattering the sword of Hellish Prince in half, leaving him only with his dagger. Lucifer didn't give up and used shattered sword as second dagger, trying to surprise the opponent. This wasn't enough. In a matter of seconds, I disarmed him and pierced his chest with my sword, putting the end to the fight and War Finally, after long struggle I managed to defeat Demon King and save Heaven from danger. Demons lost their leader and scrambled around multiverse, each trying to save their own life.
When the fight was finally over, I rushed to find my brother. Sadly, only thing I found was symbol of an Eye, burning purple flame in the middle of hexagon. With lose of Heaven's guardian and angels in disarray, I had to take the responsibility of Leader of Angelic Legion. I managed gather few of the remaining angels and together we started to rebuild heaven. Without additional archangels to lead legions, I had to "promote" some of simple soldiers to the rank of officers. One of them caught my particular attention - Araiel. Thanks to his extraordinary way of thinking and inborn cunning he was perfect candidate for My second-in-command.
After Heaven was rebuilt and most of angels back at posts guarding it, I could (together with Araiel) focus on more important business - figuring out what this purple light was. We joined biggest organization focused on protecting multiverse.

Gabriel shine with grace. He is incarnation of goodness and power of Heaven. Although still weakened, he is strong and agile. As beautiful as the sky, he move with inborn grace and speak with wisdom in words. When he appear in his full form, Gabriel possess three pairs of wings. He wear golden plated armor and hood. In his hand there is Law, his most powerful weapon. Big sword, burning with fire of skies. Inscribed with runes and empowered with strength of the multiverse itself, the sword is forever bonded with Gabriel. His armor bears marks of fight with Lucifer. After battle, he was offered to have the armor fixed, but he refused. Gabriel wanted to have a reminder of what this stands for and what he must protect. On the chest, there is a sign of a key and gate in a background. The insignia of Heaven's gate. Although he is no longer mere guardian of Heaven, he use it as his personal mark. His face is as beautiful as scary. You can see the flame burning in his eyes when he fight demons. His halo is once was one of most powerful in the world, but now It is only a bit more powerful than common angels halo. On portraits, he is often shown with keys in his hand.

Gabriel kept his good attitude despite all that happened in his life. He is devoted to his cause and wants to help people of all worlds. The War changed him a bit. He is now much more responsible, although he still prefer to do things himself rather than using some of his comrades. With his regime in Heaven, angels were given more free will about what to do. Some of old laws were no longer in use. Although most of the time he is friendly and helpful and tries to look how to resolve things without violence, never think he is meatball. If it comes to fight, he reveal full angelic grace and with his sword burning with holy power he can rush into fight. He is merciless to evildoers if he finds there is no redemption to them. In his free time he loves to practice fighting or watch TV. It is something he recently introduced to heaven, creating SKY TV. Under his rules, Heaven was modernized and became something more than just military bastion.

FIGURING OUT THAT HAPPENED TO MICHAEL: Gabriel never truly discovered what happened to his brother. Only that he disappear and purple flames were the only lead. One day, he will find him or what left of him.
GUARD MULTIVERSE: Angels' main mission is still to protect every world form destruction. Although they don't often interfere directly, they do many things to help them and guide them. Gabriel is no different.
GATHERING REMAINING ANGELS: Not every angel returned to Heaven after the war. Some decided that it is perfect opportunity to quit the job and look take care of their own lives. Gabriel accepts their choice, but he can't leave them unsupervised wandering multiverse.

DEMONS: Every demon in entire Multiverse knows the name Gabriel. As a last Archangel, he is one of few things that still holds the power to oppose them. They fear to stand against him in 1v1 fight, or even assault him in group, but they often plot his destruction and try to make good use of every opportunity that arise.
NETHIS: Elder red dragon. She was first ever known dragon to travel outside of her dimension. She started to wreck havoc in other worlds until Gabriel leading few of remaining angels stopped her. She was humiliated by being defeated by "stupid chickens". She used next opportunity to escape her dimension once more, but this time she stayed hidden and no one can track her to this days. There are rummors that she allied with being older and more powerful than multiverse itself.

Contacts / Friends / Family
  • ARAIEL - second-in-command of Heaven's army. He is loyal, but also cunning and likes to work inconventionally.
  • saved for teammates

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and accepted

ARC-to-be || Sergeant || Brother

"Brotherhood is the strongest bond you can find."

RACE: Human
CLASS: Fighter

His future armor.

CT-5901 “Nox” was always aspiring to be the best. Since the beginning of his training, he tried to achieve more than other in his group. At first he had troubles with teamwork, but everything changed during training. He was in alpha squad during final training. When he was first assigned, the team was doing even worse than delta. They went long way form bottom to top. Every member of the squad was shining exemplar of soldier. This caused much troubles with leadership. They fought all the time.
It was supposed to be simple combat simulation. Alpha squadron had been doing it for really long time, yet they still didn’t master it like other clones. This time something went sideway. Droid stopped respond to shut down command after yet another failure in procedures. Nox got cornered. He shot droids until he run out of ammo. Just as he was going to get executed with hundreds of shots, CT-5875 jumped in front of him and stopped the blasting with his own body. The way he did it impressed even overseeing teachers. Grappled to the wall behind Nox and left gun mid-flight to drop on droids and shoot few with pocket gun. He obviously got shot multiple times, but this gave Nox just enough time to reload his weapon and deal with clankers. This helped form a bond between squad. They finally started to work as a team and in time Nox rose to the position of sergeant. Alpha squad didn’t manage to get to first position, but they were close after Bravo squad.
After training ended Nox and his squad: Blast, Rodger, Tank and Lock were sent to Naboo to enforce garrison stationing there. Their orders were simple: stay in base and be ready to protect outpost. Everything was going ok, until Lock disappeared. They searched entire base, but he was no where to be found. Entire expedition had to be deployed only to find him close in the forest training with Akk dog. This put shame on entire squad. Nox was devastated. Reputation he tried to build, his entire work was almost ruined. It didn’t stop him from standing up for Lock and taking part of his fault. Then he requested reassignment to move away from the source of shame. He and his squad were moved to Sojourn under the command of Jedi Master Vyquiss Thorne.

For now Nox is not too different from other clones. Only thing that sets him apart is black hole tattoo on his left wrist and insignia of Night squad on his helmet - eight-winged black star with red dot in the middle. In his right gauntlet there is expandable blade made for mele combat. It is experimental replacement for standard combat vibroknives.

Nox is perfectionist. He always aim higher than most. His ambition is sometimes his greatest flaw. He is good soldier. Well trained in variety of ways and perfectly capable of greatest deeds if only given chance. He is still just sergeant, but in time he wants to become ARC trooper. His squadron “Night” is considered one of the best in terms of team work. He still has troubles with discipline, but they are working on that. Their bond is really strong. Each one would give his life for the rest in the blink of an eye. Nox is proud of them. In his free time he likes military history. He loves the Old Republic times. Other than that he also play Dejarik. He beaten most of his squad expect for Blast, who always win with everyone.

Ambition - Nox doesn't stop at good. He wants to be best. He wants to succeed in his life goal, that is to become ARC. He does sometimes something recklessly because of that, but he usually stay strict to the orders. He never put his ambition before his squad though.
Responsibility - Clones are born to serve the republic. Nox is no different. He will give his life for the republic.
Brotherhood - Nox and his teammates are brothers. In blood, in arms and in minds. They will support each other no matter what. Tank already took a series of (training) shots for him.

None yet. He is "shiny" and didn't manage to earn any opponents outside of common like Separatists.

Contacts / Friends / Family
  • Lock - Most rebellious one. Lock likes to follow his own path which often gets squad in trouble. His heart is on good side though. He will follow his brothers to the end.
  • Tank - famous for his brave action, tank is now heart of the team. He is thing that connects them and can always light up the situation. His jokes are sometimes dry, but it can ease the atmosphere.
  • Blast - Explosive specialist. Blast can make you grenade out of empty can, bag of dirt and few matches. He will easily open any doors. His personality reflects his specialization. He is open and shoot right up. No word games and no half-ways, yet somehow he always wins Dejarik games.
  • Rodger - He got his name from parodying droids. He is really good at it. Other than that he is really silent and doesn't speak much unless needed.

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Awaiting Judgement

Aller Kryze
|| Mandalorian || Jedi || Survivor || Outcast ||

"Guarding peace is noble. Guarding yourself... smart"

RACE: Human
BACKGROUND: Mandalorian
CLASS: Sentinel

Aller and his twin sister were born on mandalore to moderately wealthy family with connection to ruling family (or rather clan). From his very early, it was known that he is force sensitive. Toys flew around his bed as he was discovering his powers. Around his 18 month he left family home to Jedi temple. There, he was trained in Jedi ways. His family never let him forget his legacy. when he turned 14, he received a package containing mandalorian armor.
Aller was in the same age group as famous Ahsoka Tano. He tried, but he was no match for her. With no possibility to be best at group, he turned his attention to other things. He focused on upgrading his armor and adjusted his fighting style to maximize his efficiency of his armor. By deadly combo of sword-fighting, force attacks and technical utilities he managed to attract attention of master Plo Koon. He became his padawan shortly after the destruction of "Malevolence".
For almost three years, Aller trained under master Koon. One time, he was captured by the bounty hunters trying to get easy money. He was on patrol mission near asteroid field C-37B, when his ship got caught into tractor beam. At first thugs thought they got some mandalorian that got lost, but when they saw lightsaber, it became clear that Aller might be worth a lot. He tried to lie that sword was stolen from some dead Jedi, but of course they didn't believe him. When they were busy evaluating how much he can be worthy, Aller used his armor technology to escape. With his hands and legs free, he managed to defeat bounty hunters. When Plo Koon arrived with clone rescue squad they found him sitting there with thugs tied up and ship under his control. Even though clones wanted to take them into custody, Aller let them go. Something told him that this is the best.
When order 66 came, Aller was with his master on Cato Nemodia. While Plo Koon led his starfighter squadron, Aller was on the ground leading small team to infiltrate enemy position. He was scouting ahead when he saw his master ship explode above him. At first he wanted to return to squad, but something stopped him. Instead, he hid. When the clones stopped looking for him, thinking that he must have got captured by separatists, he sneaked into the base and escaped the planet.
His first thought was to return to mandalore and look for support of his people, but only thing he found was rejection. He was an outcast, misfit, someone that didn't belong there. The crisis under which planet was didn't help. Constant fight for power divided clans. His parents were dead and his sister left to earn a living as bounty huntress. He had to hide somewhere else. To survive, he renewed contacts with bounty hunters that tried to capture him many years ago. They weren't very pleased, but they were honorable. He spared their lives some years ago, so they repaid him now. He joined their crew.
On simple assignment something went wrong. He was discovered as former Jedi and had to run. He and his team almost made it, but squad of elite troopers got them. Aller survived, but he got separated from others. He didn't dare to make any contact. If they got capured, he would only make things worse for them (and probably himself too), and if they were dead there was no point. Working under code name "Seraph", he must now find new allies to survive.

Aller painted his armor green, to match with his blade color. He use double-bladed light saber that can be split into two lightfoils. When without armor, Aller is rather handsome man. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. Outside of armor which is his distinguishing thing, he has a scar on right shoulder. Blaster wound - "souvenir" from imperial forces.

Aller is proud of who he is. He doesn't like to deny any part of his legacy. He is mandalorian, but he is also a Force-user. He adjusted his armor to work with force abilities and his sword-fighting adapted to work with suit tech. He keeps his sword close at hand. It makes him feel confident, but he learned not to rely solely on it. Force can be useful tool too. He respect law, but prefers to go his own path. He never really liked the Jedi Code. Now that order is gone, he is on his own. His biggest dream is to reunite Mandalore, but for now he focus on looking for his sister. When Aller set his mind on something, he will achieve it. He will purse the goal in various ways until he achieve it. This determination is also his flaw. He can't give up. He doesn't like to play popular games. What he prefers is to tinker with some tech in his free time. His technique is relying heavily on acrobatic movement. He used to use jet-pack in combat, but his last one was lost during escape from imperials. As a Jedi, he is not used to luxurious life. He can survive in the wilds alone, but not w/o decent amount of tech or at least spare parts to make some. When Aller wants to kill time, he tries to fix old necklace he received together with his armor. It has some tech inside, but he didn't manage to make it work yet. He is still hunted by the feeling of guilt for his former partners.

Five words that describe him: Proud, Stubborn, Smart, Determined, Free Soul

  • When he sleeps, Aller always has a small nightlight. He can't sleep w/o it.
  • His helmet has music player inbuilt. If someone irritates him too much, he turn it on and ignore such person
  • He call all his tracker droids Derek (DRK-1 model)
  • He tries to hide his force powers trying to explain them as advanced technology
  • His armor has small metal pocket. He marks every friend that passed away. There are many marks already

Survival - Aller tries his best to avoid being caught or killed. In the old times, Mandalorians considered death in combat as honor, but he doesn't share the enthusiasm
Family - Aller has no one but his sister left. His master, his order, his parents are all gone. She is his last relative. He cares deeply for her and wants to reuinite with her.

Empire I don't think this need any explanation. Aller is a former Jedi, which is enough by itself, but he is also a mandalorian running loose, which doesn't make things better for him.
Huntmaster Zion Fellow mandalorian. Bounty hunter specializing in tracking former Jedi. Aller was first one to escape him. Now Zion made it his personal goal to hunt mandalorian Jedi and bring him to emperor. Dead or Alive.

Contacts / Friends / Family
  • Tye Kryze Allers twin sister. She got missing during the beginning of empire. Word is she is working as a bounty hunter, but the trail seems to disappear every time Aller gets close. She is not force-sensitive (or she is good at hiding it).
  • Silver Hawk crew Group of bounty hunters that first tried to get a ransom for Aller and later became his friends. He didn't hear from them since they got split up in combat with empire. They are either dead or don't care for him, but Aller doesn't think of them too much. It is painful to him that he might got them killed.

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