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Therren Does The YouTubes!

Yesterday I left the house at around 4am to take a friend of lived out of town to LAX so he could fly out to be with his dad, who's recently been hospitalized. On the way, I found myself wanting to think of something a little more positive when I remembered a comment one of my followers on Minds left me. It got me thinking about the benefits that TTRPGs can bring us, so I decided to ramble about those here.

Today we begin our first look at the Pathfinder 2 Playtest starting with the first step in the process, character creation.

What makes a great villain so memorable? Today we go over what I think are the three major elements the best villains share in hopes of seeing how we can apply them to our games.

In today's video I just wanted to indulge in the simple act of sharing some other related channels that I particularly enjoy which may be worth your time as well.

We've got a long one on hand for today, folks. After at last getting the opportunity to play the Pathfinder 2 Playtest and experience many of the different changes first hand, it's time to share our first impressions of the new system.

It's long overdue, but today I've finally put together my video on the basics of Savage Worlds' combat. In it we'll look at initiative, melee vs ranged combat, critical successes and failures, and how damage works, and more.

The last time we looked at bad GMs, we looked at the self-centered SUPERSTAR! GMs. Today, we take aim at another menace, the Executioner, those GMs whose solutions to characters they can't handle is to just kill them and force their player to make a new one. Executioner GMs - what the hell are they thinking!?!

These would be great if I could hear you properly and....See you? I don't know if I just watched the videos that were hard to hear and no you but.... I'd love higher audio quality and no road?

Not all of my videos are done on the road. It just happens that with my work schedule and duties being what they are, the time I spend traveling between delivery locations is the most time I've got to record anything. As for better quality, that's certainly a goal with the channel, but I'm highly limited by how little disposable income I actually have to put into improving my home setup. These are all changes I would very much like to make, but situations being what they are currently they're unfortunately not quite feasible at the moment.

He demands you play strictly by your character sheet. He puts the kaibosh on the cool things you want to do, then turns around and uses them himself. And he's the one who usually tells you, "No." He is Dr. Nope, and he might be the most irritating GM around.


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