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LDDragon's musings

LDDragon's musings

Random musings for my future reference,
In rhyming form I have a preference,
To achieve the paths of excellence,
But what is the value of an hour?

Crystallized thoughts, to be exact
Reminders of ideas and facts
How many benefit from an act,
Is that what determines its power?

So Tes Elent, lying in his bed
Awakens in a realm of dream
A thousand universes in his head
Illusions, however real they seem

Yet illusions shape, illusions change,
Recognized, aspects of strange
Will morph to magic, practiced in range
Aligned with strongest goals.

A thousand hours, habit forms
Over two years, becomes the norm
Ten hours each week, creates the storms
Of passion, in hearts and souls.

Tes Elent fulfilling goals he'd set
In recognizing starlight mirage
Achieved the pride that he had bet
Quick highlights of his dream montage

So come with me, to lands unknown
And if time runs backwards, disparities shown
Entire worlds are lived and grown
Bizarre lands fascinate

So captivating, attention rapt
Disbelief and critical thought are sapped
Until the clarity becomes apt
Excitement anticipates

Tes remembers, plans to write
Record the starlit mysteries
Spin tales of the moonlit nights
To bardic songs and short stories

An open curtain, in my bedroom
A knocking persists, dull intermittant boom
Opened front door, a faux pas looms
Mother or sister from upstairs

Thoughts ponder on hotel checking out
Questions unanswered, bring their doubts
With all the force of a mental shout
Reminder from yesterday appears

Master of Revels, I greet thee
Freed now from illusion's cage
Rest assured, in reality
Our meeting shall make it to the page

He scripts in third person, so that he
Empowered by literary key
Unlocks worlds, new realities
Illusioned in his mind

Practice his songs and storied ways
Bring back silvered tales that amaze
Middle of the night enter this phase
Excuses left behind

So Philostrate, speak, what can be seen
In the times from day to day
Middle of the night, what lies between
The moments where illusion frays?

You can join too, if you desire
See moonlit powers reaching higher
Of starred creative heights inspire
The music of the the night

Unleash the genius of play
Molded into daylight clay
Brought into where rationale has sway
And let all the stars shine bright!

Socrates, what would you ask
To draw forth answers known within?
To inspire passion for the task
With full heart and soul, to now begin!

To not back down, never give up
Having tasted a sip from victory's cup
Powers unleashed, now erupt
Bring forth the cheers of triumph loud

A driving force that cannot rest
And pushes me towards my best
Filled with vigor, life and zest
Victorious and proud

Tes, ambitious, show the world
A vision of what entertainment can be
Eager to see the plans unfurled
Til the day we reveal our victory!!!

So return, come back again
Like visiting the best of friends
And let invested time extend
To grow to soaring heights

Pain of absence, pleasure of gain
Excitement of what I obtained
Commited to chronomantic reign
Savor victory's delights

So Tes Elent, with power bright
Continues to build his empire
Songs and stories of moonlit nights
Fueled by passionate desire

In nightly travels, college friends' toast
Buttered, arrange videos to host
Find the times that matter most
Warrior or enchanter, right.

This morning, dai hui moon, single hand
Four corners, tilted step on land
Foundation for techniques, push grand
Base, hit, roll, lift tilted foot, same might

A hundred thousand times in mind
A measured thousand, subgoaled quick
A hundred, ten, one hour rewards find
Whatever it takes so persistence sticks.

I read your poems, they fascinate,
The rhyming good, the rhythm great,
Each verse with beat and matching fine,
Abruptly changed for the final line.

Iambic beats, they march along,
Like many a poem, ode or song,
But that jaunting twist, your style be,
Confused, bemused, then challenged me.

Unusual read, but thanks for writing.
But the final thing of your deciding,
That's still confounding poor old me,
Why no italics on verse three?


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