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LDDragon's musings

I can see how you would think it strange
Originally I'd thought to arrange
Dreams and thoughts in italics, main
Non italics for awake or lucid dream

It may not have worked out that way
But habit forms and takes its sway
These poems a diary of thought, dream and day
Plus scripts for desired scenes

Imagine my surprise, delight
When I saw that you had been immersed
Thanks for your reply, a welcome sight
Phrased in this rhyming scheme and verse

So measure progress over time
To hear the bells of victory chime
And taste triumphant fruits sublime
Small goal and small time frame

Test with me succeed or fail
Spin details of what these plans entail
When persistence is the holy grail
In this VR game

Tes declares committed stance
Announces specific plans and tests
Measured habits progress, advance
Centering within his zest

Specific times august twenty six
Find the balance the right mix
To build your power, bag of tricks
Return to detailed plans

Dai hui moon tilted step
Leads to gorilla, eagle wing swept
A thousand changes, seeds are kept
Knowledge from ancestral lands

August twenty third, Tes lucid dreams
Middle of night, split time rehearsed
Victorious goals, recorded scenes
Identity, skills are well versed

Specific times, hours and minutes
Described specifics now will win it
Let this process now begin it
Scripting detailed fine

August twenty third two am
The reasons from which motivation stems
Virtual reality in a world of pretend
From created dreaming signs

When he succeeds, colors vividly bright
While physically asleep in bed
Realistic greens in golden sunlight
A VR game inside his head

So lucidly, decide how to act
Secure in knowledge of one fact
His conscious dreaming skills exact
In gaining what he likes

Best time to rehearse, gain experience, skills
Strongest visualization, that can build
Multiple pathways to success, fulfilled
From virtual reality, in moonlit night

The process is fun, rewards more of the same
Upgrades to play, from experience
And it is free, this skill based game
So over time, build confidence

Fail small, frequent, and fast
For LD habits made to last
Reluctance something of the past
Excitement appreciates

Time invested, and again
How quickly can I get to ten
Recorded lucid dreams of zen?
Goals anticipate

Tes Elent, with questions asked
Out of ten 0/10, measured progress
By September 30 for this task
Sprinting towards his success

A dream, a goal, a plan, I see
Records of times dreamt lucidly
Brought forth into reality
Timed reverse event line is now set

Invested time accumulate
Like hanging out with the best of mates
A thousand hours decides my fate
To win this passionate bet

Tes, of superheroes dreams
Upon a stage, a romance play
Two people dance, a lovely scene
And strongly swung, back and forth, two ways

In martial arts, sudden move
Dai hui moon rolling arm step to
Then gorilla, eagle wing through
Two kicks sideways step

Three 2 person forms we keep
Stick vs stick, double stick, palm sweep
Constantly, research them deep
Find out when demonstration reps

Ten out of ten, 10/10, nine out of ten 9/10
Eight, seven, six, five, four record
Three, two, one and zero when
At one, three, six, ten gain rewards

Scripted habits, regiments
Over time they shall convince
Through built up skills and experience
Automatically obtain my goals

Time enjoyed, invested more
Measured progress, keeping score
Researched thoroughly, gaining lore
Committed, heart and soul

Tes offers words, a future gift
Next subgoal: one RLD
2018 August 25th
Explore rewards that he can see

And if I fail, try again
Learn what I can, consult my friends
Keep going til RLDs are ten
Discipline brings its own rewards

Each part success, I celebrate
Vision of rewards, anticipate
Dream musicians, emulate
Fulfill agreements, my accords

Take any anger, all my rage
When I am freed from illusion's cage
With all my joy and all our love
Explore with starlit skies above

Edge of sleep, dip into dream
Walk between sleep and awake, it seems
Illuminating moonlight beams
Body sleeps with mind alert

Physically still, while mind is free
Touch feels reach, colored vividly
Immersed in virtual reality
Awareness in my dream assert

Dancing between asleep, awake
Middle of the night, on the edge of sleep
Getting to choose now, fun decisions he makes
Habits and intent are what Tes keeps

Multiple ways to win
Interpret events, give my own spin
Let perfect alignment now begin
Success and failure are my tools

Hate and sadness, love and joy
All emotions I employ
Past excuses now destroyed
Within my influence, I rule

How to win? Tes must insist
Keep coming back towards rewards
Awareness, flexibility, persist
Win the bet, fulfill accords

You are of Tes Elentai
Skilled in the lucid dreaming way
What choices will you make today
Intro to a game book

Choose your talents, skills and stats
Challenges, options to react
Laid out in wording, quite exact
Take a non linear look

So Tes shall write a game questline
With central themes of choice and dream
And recognizing dreaming signs
Starred coded numbers * changed starlight seams

Adding or subtracting forty two
If a dream sign is recognized by you
The paragraph makes sense if it is true
Lucidity gives special skills

To influence the dreaming world
And have the main quest plans unfurled
Into random dimensions, hurled
Shift teleport, random thrills

Tes chases the goal of RLDs
Ten exactly by the end
Other challenges, dream enemies
Personified excuses that pretend


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