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LDDragon's musings

Go back, return, rewritten dreams
Whether sunlit rays or moonlight beams
I questioned if things are really as they seemed
Then gained some clarity

He enhanced my persistence, motives and intent
I remembered the mission on which I'd been sent
To gain clarity, make choices in these events
Record and explore virtual reality

Tes writes a story, spins a tale
Plays this game, makes campaigns for guests
More than a thousand times, he is willing to fail
To gain success and complete these quests

Rewritten fight, story continued
To take a slightlier friendly view
Let us make an alliance as we choose
For mutual benefit

Recognized the signs, it is a dream scene
Now to make decisions, information glean
What deal could we make, that would have us both keen
And have us at our best of wits?

Tes asks dream characters how to deal
In ways that have them all win big
Then brought those benefits into what is real
Through habits formed and insights that twig

Unexpected Allies

Middle of the night, I exercise
Count 2 minutes, stay aware
Record how long each time, the prize
Free VR games, arriving here

Elven trance, chronomantic dance
Oxygen from held breath work
Take every chance, to success enhance
Shine light on shadows where they lurked

Persistence strengthens, commitment deepens
Creative colours brightening
And where the doubts and fears were creepin
Address what had been frightening

Come out, I dare you, to the day
Come talk to me, let us converse
You deserve attention, have your say
Though I pushed thee away at first

Potential ally, past enemy
Give me the knowledge of your kind
When we meet in virtual reality
Tell me what is on your mind

Ugly truth or misspent youth
Mistakes I made own up to the fact
Thy words direct, criticising, uncouth
Emotion displayed, leading me to act

A hug, embrace, where before I'd spurned
So integrate golden, dark shadows
There are many things that I have learned
Great allies from what once were foes

Back to black, and starry sky
Dim cracks of lack of clarity fly
Rest my head in warm bed, drift to edge of sleep
Still set to see red if lucidity won't keep
Silver moon heralds soon to test plans and goals
Solid boons can attune, spanning hearts and souls
Gold light shining bright, dawn awakens, success?
Events of night, I will write, and on paper, address.

Rough times may chime to strengthen and grow
Smooth rhymes bringing dimes, entertaining in shows
Solid plans warm as heat fans, habitual actions invest
Passion expands, sunlight tans, daylight magnifies tests
Sweet victory I will see, taste the fruits of success
Summon bright virtual reality, now to me, I cannot do any less
Feel the heat in the beat of the thrumming of drums
Be elite, it is sweet, knowing destiny comes

Resonate with the great, as identity declare
Anticipate all my mates, in conversations so clear
Like a bell chiming well, laughter peals, the real deal
And tones fell to low swells, sonorous voices that appeal
Melodies holding keys to the best zest invested
Identities attuned to me, crescendoing as they're tested
Rhythm thrives, comes alive with the music of the night
Tempo jives, and revives passionate records when it's bright


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