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A Portfolio Preview (i guess?)

A Portfolio Preview (i guess?)

Hello! I just joined recently and some really nice people pointed me this way!

I'm an illustration graduate with a major for character design and would love to meet fellow artists or anyone who would is interested in art!

I have a website at jojoruan.com and other, more frequently updated works on my social media Instagram and Twitter @jojoruanart

(I would upload more images but I'm not very good at it, I'm sorry y'all )
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Hello! I'm not a character design person by degree, but I do love to do it, so hopefully that's some common ground. Nice to meet ya, @jojoruan!

On Twitter, I use the same username, but on Instagram and Tumblr, I'm lexxarts.

What sorts of commission do you offer?

Welcome to Myth Weavers! One important note, please review the Global Rule on Commercial Use before starting to set up something like commissions.

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