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Mighty protectors!

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Mighty protectors!

Mighty Protectors - Forum

Game Description:

You can combat the forces of evil! Find their hidden enclaves with your super-senses, and bust your way in with powerful fists! Use your incredible agility or invulnerability to ward off their attacks as you blast away with energy bolts, or confront them with your martial arts or weapon skills! Drag them squirming and cursing to prison, to be brought to justice! Become a champion of truth and an idol of millions!

The Basics
System: Mighty Protectors
Themes: Modern-day Superheroic Crime-fighters
Number of Players: 6
Starting Level: 200 Character Points
Application Deadline: June 7, 2019

About the Game
Starting Point: You are the new champions of Zion City, a tech-centered metropolis of four billion citizens located on the western U.S. coastline. Many of the world's elite tech-based companies are here which drives Zion's incredible economy. The city has hybrid buses, elevated electric rail-trains, and an autonomous taxicab company all operated by the Zion and completely free. City healthcare is also free and Zion boast several of the most advanced medical facilities in the world. All the best restaurants and entertainment venues are offered in Zion City giving residents and visitors a dizzying level of social indulgence.

Zion City is a modern-day, semi-futuristic marvel that accommodates tech-based superheroes perfectly. But, due to the immense wealth generated here, criminals have become more and more daring! The Zion City Police Department is roughly 66% smaller than cities of the same population and their more liberal "talk-first" methodology is often exploited by more violent criminals. Over the last few weeks, the citizenry has grown more vocal regarding the rise in crime and while city officials have assured the public order will be preserved, Zion City has a growing problem!

Post Expectations: This will be a play-by-post adventure performed here on MW. I like a steady pace, posting several times a week and in instances a few times a day. I would like having players who can post at least 3-5 times a week. I expect slow to no posting on weekends and holidays.

Communication: If you can't post for a few days I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know so I can keep things moving for the group until you return. I ask that you read what's been posted prior to posting and ask questions if you're not clear what is happening in a scene.

Ready to suit-up and fight back the forces of Evil?!? "MIGHTY PROTECTORS --- ASSEMBLE!!"

RPG Rule #1: Choice is everything. The rest is fluff.

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Originally Posted by Althrion View Post
See, there is a pic

And now to the concept stage.
Welcome, Althrion!

Originally Posted by JagrHunter View Post
WOOHOO!! Looking forward!!!
Let's GO, JagrHunter!

Zion City is 4 million citizens, not their own planet


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