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Calling all Cypher Game Players

hey @Azriel! There are a couple games going on right now. I have heard a rumor of another game starting sometime.

I will add your name to the list.

I could have sworn I was already on this list, but it looks like I was mistaken! So I guess this is my official request to be added onto it.

I'm also considering running a 1e Numenera game soon, now that I'm recovering faster and faster from my chemo treatments. So there's that!

1) Hope treatment is going well and showing positive progress.
2) Added!
3) If you put up a Numenera game, you will have players.

So I might have gone ahead and done the thing. Linking it here as a general courtesy.

Originally Posted by Araziel View Post
Aren't the books from the Humble Bundle the 2nd edition though?
There is a mix. And you can use 1E and 2E together without too much trouble.

Yep, the two editions are compatible, even while at the same table. One's just an updated coat of polish on the other.

A few weeks into my first PBP game, I'm enjoying Numenera quite a lot. And the whole Cypher system seems amazingly flexible. So if you're still maintaining that list, sure, sign me up.


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