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Space Horror game needs H.E.L.P.

If you want Sci-Fi horror, look no further than Eclipse Phase. That game is all about post-humanism and horror.

I find Eclipse Phase feels too rules heavy for most players and I want to use something more simple.

They have published a second edition playtest which I think may be intended to be more streamlined, but possibly I just made that up. But also, it's epic, and actually I think it's probably one of those games which is fine so long as somebody gets the rules - the basic mechanic is just d100, its main problem is that there are a lot of intricacies scattered throughout the books which can be hard to grok all together.

I think there's a GURPS version, too, or FATE or something, I dunno, I don't see the draw of a lightweight system (at least as compared with something I already know).


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