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Non Sequitur

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Book of Mis-spells

Someone's Undies.

Summons a pair of used underwear. 50/50 on the genders.

Kelgore's Grave Mist.

Reed Magic: The caster becomes a master flautist.

Solid fog.

Solid frog: All gaseous amphibians within 30-foot radius are now solidified.


Y'know... We're not that far in, and already two repeats. And both of them ones that I did first.

Pressing indigestion: Causes uncontrollable belching for 60 minutes.

Acid Rain.

Program Damn Easy, Ya? Grants a +10 competence bonus to Knowledge (Coding) checks.

Bigby's Helpful Hand.

Bigby's Helpful Hand - Target is stunned for a number of rounds equal to 1d6 minus target's Constitution Bonus rounds (minimum one round). Caster may target himself.

Mordenkainen's Sword.

Mordae's Kind of Sword: A +7 axiomatic dancing shadowed ghost touch keen wounding rapier of speed appears and fights for you, provided I don't need it at the moment.

Hallucinatory Terrain.

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