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Rise of Skywalker

Rise of Skywalker

We have a title (not what I expected in the slightest), we have a teaser trailer (much more like what I expected).

Cue all the fanboys immediately jumping on the idea that Rey really is a Skywalker after all.


And that laughter right after the line about nobody being truly gone...

Oh my.

Short of this somehow turning into Heir to the Empire, with a Luuke Skywalker clone being the "Skywalker rising" and making them into Luke again, Thrawn returning as they actually took the time to introduce him in Rebels, a cloned Emperor, a introduction of Mara Jade, and about a half dozen things I know are impossible to happen, I just really cant be excited about this.

Rey being a Skywalker is the last thing I want.

I like that there's a new TIE Interceptor design, because it's one of my favorite TIE models.

Oh, and it looks like we have another A-Wing getting shot down!

But, yeah, not terribly excited.

I only enjoyed Palpatine's laughter in the end and we'll, style is cool and all, but I just hope this ends Rey's saga for once and for all. For me has been dissapointment after dissapointment, yet I will watch it because I don't know, I enjoy criticizing the movies.

As my expectations cannot be any lower after TLJ, I dont think my opinion has anywhere to go but up so... Will watch. I mean, its Star Wars. At the very worst, I'll get to listen to a good soundtrack.

EDIT: I second the Palpatine laughter.

Originally Posted by ArcaneDesperado View Post
I will NEVER forgive Disney for doing last three movie instead of just giving us the Thrawn Trilogy.

Just to note in here folks, in advance, that the thread may be used for discussion and controlled debate of the trailer/upcoming movie. It may not be used to for fury-filled rants or fights over personal stances. It's fine to voice an unhappy opinion, just keep anger/rage out of it.

This shouldn't need to be said, but we have had to shut down Star Wars movie threads in the past.


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