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Looking for DH Ascension GM

Yeah, researching the Tyranid and the cycle of a Genestealer Cult has given me lots of ideas including the option to fail saving the planet in question (Exterminatus?) but go on to potentially save another planet? I like that idea, Althrion, and hopefully if I do use it the players wouldn't be too annoyed at a potentially no-win scenario! Or recognise that having the entire planet blown to smithereens before the Hive Fleet can arrive might be the 'win' option in a game of chess.

What were your thoughts in terms of character creation? Just hit Ascended?? Any idea which Career you wanted to take (that's for both of you!)???

I have to agree Prestar, Black Crusade is on my no-no list big time though Rogue Trader is on there to a lesser degree. It's not the system or anything, I just have difficulty in my head with flying space fortress making loads of money and dealing in semi-illegal materials. I think it's because my first introduction to 40K was the tabletop war game with the Tau, then Space Marines, then DH so by the time I got round to Rogue Trader it just seemed so much the opposite of what my experiences in the 40K 'verse had been about that it throws me. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the Age of Sigmar RPG line however, mainly as I never really dipped my toe into the WHFB line so the change in setting never bothered me and partially because I like the models!

I had seen your offer Althrion, apologies in not responding to it; I got a bit focussed on the conceptual stage of a game for you and I really shouldn't of been posting at close to one in the morning. Sleepy brain! I'd be interested definitely, no real preference on game though! I mostly play Pathfinder and the WH lines (Only War, DH1 and 2, Deathwatch) so those I'd be most comfortable with for what it's worth.

Edit: *IF* you had it and *IF* you were willing to do so, I'd love to play in a Starfinder game above first level. Not super high, maybe fifth? First lot of character attributes to bump up, couple of feats in and some interesting gear to play around with!

I like the idea of Black Crusade, but I've yet to see one actually progress on the Weave--and frankly, I've always liked the ideas of traitors and heretics more than outright monstrous slaves to Chaos (Night Lords anyone).

I'd be down for an Ascension style game mayhaps--though I'm a bit in the weeds at the moment. If it pops up and I'm in a good place to do so, I might apply.

So, @Spot, I think we should no split both games with headers, to make it easier for us to address those

Ascension game
I donīt think players have a issue with failing. It is 40k. Failing is typical Anf failing is subjective. We saved the wold from tyranids by blowing it up and harming those foul xenos.
Regarding xp. Some extra xp past Ascension would be nice. Maybe a starting Experience point of 15000 xp would be good. Something to play around with, but not to far past Throne Agent level.

Regarding classes. I have a few in mind, but would like to recruit players I know first and talk with them through, what everyone would like to play. Defenitley only one Inquisitor though.

What is the player count you feel comfortable running? My personal number is 6 or 7 at max, especially when I plan frequent combat.
If you give me a count, I can look for players that are reliable (the hardest part here on MW).

Game for you
Starfinder. Hm, I donīt own the rulebook. Would have to get it first and read it. So a game would take some time. And as I donīt know reliable players for it I would need to run an open ad (so expect 30 applicants, with only half finishing ). But if you want it, I am game.

As alternative I could run a OW game (preferably higher xp threeshold) AND invite you to a Pathfinder game I revived recently, playing at level 10 and with a unusual fast level progression for PbP.

As soon as we have that settled we can start game forums and talk the specifics there.

Ascension Game

I'd be happy starting at 15,000 Experience, preferably five players would be my limit at this point; I'd rather start smaller and have everything going well with the aim to add one or two extra over time than start out bigger and get overwhelmed if I'm being honest! So, Prestar, yourself and three others?

Game for me

An Only War game would be fantastic, especially one with some extra experience thrown in there! One day, eventually, I aim to run an Only War game using the Imperial Knights fan supplement because who doesn't like the idea of giant(ish) robots blasting the living hell outta things? The one game would be absolutely fine Althrion, again I'd rather not get overwhelmed

Ooh, I would like in on both of these...

Fantastic I'll get one together by the end of today, today being Sunday as it's getting on for two in the morning here and I really should be getting some shuteye!

Prestar, I have to admit I might of poked my nose into your WH40K games and I love the idea of running Inquisitors and Only War characters side by side!

it is awesome, but also hard for the GM (for making it challenging).
I would advice to start with one character per player and when you feel comfortable with it add another character later.

Btw, you recieved a invite. (private message on the top right corner).


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