Point buy for races is far from perfect, but it's OK (it's also the E6 approach). The more powerful races often have bigger stat mods anyway (though an issue then is balancing it so that no option is strictly better than another, especially with PF's race builder which is already as well balanced as a psychopath on a see-saw) and actually the other benefits typically provided by powerful races tend to benefit martials more (large size, reach, natural armour and other defensive abilities, SLAs, etc, whereas there aren't really many things that help casters out specifically - they care about casting level, stats, and maybe bonus feats or those +1 CL abilities, but they probably don't make as big a difference in the grand scheme of things).

Conversely, LA hammers casters a lot more than martials, typically. Also not really a great system, though for small values it tends to do the job well enough.