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Once upon a time, I had a sorcerer PC, and a raven familiar. The two of them had the best conversations. Here is something I wrote up that sums up what the two of them were like. Criticisms welcome.

"On the Subject of Celebrations"

Our Cast:
Ehone Emeraldi, a Sorcerer.
Edgar, a Talking Raven.



“I...What the hell is all this?!?!”

“Edgar had party. You weren’t invited.”


“Yep. Invited everyone. Except you.”

“Okay, fair enough, but why in my tent?!”

“Because you have nice tent. It comfy.”

“I-wait, you invited ‘everyone’? Who's everyone?”

“Everyone. The sparrow, a squirrel, fox-”

“A fox?!”

“What? Edgar thought she was foxy.”

“Foxes eat birds!”

“Edgar knows that. Now.”

“Did….did the fox eat the sparrow?”



“...Only some of it.”

“Gods damn it Edgar, what the hell?”

“Was a good party.”

“My stuff is covered in feathers and blood!”

“Edgar was gonna clean up.”

“No you weren’t!”

“True, Edgar wasn’t.”

“...Where’s my alchemical supplies?”


“Edgar...where are they?”

“It was a good party.”

“You drank them didn’t you?”

“Yes, Edgar did.”


“Edgar wanted to get drunk.”

“Did it work?”


“I-wait, it did?”

“Yep. The purple stuff and green stuff.”

“Oh, good to know, then. Maybe I co-wait, stop distracting me!”

“Edgar sorry. Edgar learned valuable lesson.”

“What would that be?”

“Don’t invite foxes to parties. They drink the good stuff and eat other guests.”

Yeah, see now you have to share more . And why is this not a web comic?

This is wonderful! I love creative roleplayers, and familiars are awesome at providing opportunity for fun.

Originally Posted by Penchant View Post
Yeah, see now you have to share more . And why is this not a web comic?
Because I can't draw! This is about the extent of my creativity.

Oh dear God, that reminds me of a friend's raven who delivered shocking grasp by claiming he was a messenger of Thor. Nothing good comes of raven familiars. Nothing.

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