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Brand new to PbP, DnD 5e player

Brand new to PbP, DnD 5e player

Having trouble finding online D&D 5e games that meet my schedule and someone mentioned this as a good place to get my "fix". Going to look through the wiki but this sounds awesome and maybe just what I'm looking for!!

Currently I am playing Tomb of Annihilation Adventure League on discord/roll20, DM'ing Storm King's Thunder on Roll20 and starting up an in person group with some new friends that has yet to have an initial meeting to determine what we'll be playing and if it will be AL or not....

I love role playing, love the lore and excitement and getting out of my world for a while....

Welcome! Hope you find a good 5e game here!

Good afternoon. We have lots of 5E going on here, as well as lots other systems. PBP is a bit different than tabletop, but once you get past that, its great. Creative Writing, 20 minute daily fix of gaming, works well with busy schedules, awesome people. Head on over to the Game Ads section and have a seat! While you are waiting for a game, make sure to stop in some of the other rooms and chat about whatever you'd like.

Welcome! This is a great community with lots of knowledgeable players and DMs. Be sure to poke around the site and say hi! Also, check out the Myth-Weavers Discord server!

Welcome to the site and hope you have a wonderful experience here.
I enjoy this site and everyone that I've crossed is nice and acceptable.
Don't be afraid to reach out. And hope to cross paths once or twice in stories.

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