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Due to health reasons I feel I can't give the game I'm GM'ing the attention and energy that it deserves.
To Boldly Go is a Fantasy Flight Games: Rogue Trader game has been running for over two years. It is vaguely following the Lure of the Expanse published adventure path.

Is there anyone that wants to run a game of space conquistadors on the Weave?

I'm a player in the V20 game Sydney By Night, where all the kindred in Sydney, Australia have suddenly vanished. The Camarilla decided to allow vampires free entry, and a chance to become Prince to anyone strong, smart, and lucky enough to fill the vacuum. Unfortunately, Much like the kindred of Sydney, our GM vanished two months ago.

Is there anyone who might be interested in running a game like that?

I wouldn’t mind having a go at it, if everyone was willing to put up with a first time St fairly new to vtm and updating once or twice a week. Or I’d be happy to co run it if someone else wants to as well.


Our DM ghosted a few weeks ago (coming up on 3 weeks since their last post). I'd like to take over the GMing duties, if I may, please.

Adventurer's League: Lost Mines of Phandelver

Today marks the official three week mark since they last posted in-game.


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