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I'm starting a second campaign which will hopefully move a bit faster than my current one (which is hardly at all thus far due to scheduling conflicts). One of the players was asking if he could be a changeling from the unearthed arcana updates. I told him I'd get back to him after doing some research.

I see nothing about changelings in Farland. But what does that mean as far as their existence? Did I simply miss where they're mentionedAre they just extremely rare and don't participate much in politics? Or do they simply not exist in this way?

I explained the differences* of Cambions and Tieflings to them (as one player is going to be a tiefling bard). The player suggested that it could be considered a mutated or otherwise alternative form of demon blood presenting itself (basically say he's actually a tiefling but with the stats and abilities of a changeling).

So are changeling canon in Farland? Are there any special rules I should implement for him to be able to play as one?

*Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is a Cambion is basically a half demon, while a tiefling is anything less than half (the son of a cambion or another tiefling, or of parents who have demon blood in them to some degree). Cambion is >50% demon, Tiefling is <50% demon.

Hi Hamnier,

In ten years of playing D&D I have learned, less is more. I cannot answer you on your question about changelings in Farland lorewise, but as a DM, I would question myself:

1. Are Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Gnomes, Half-Orcs, Dragonborn, Thiefling (Core races) not enough as races to choose from? You should ask yourself how strange it looks when a party consisting of six different races walk into a bar. Indeed, Faerun has got alot if mixed civilizations and it could be so, it's just less likely.

2. If you say yes to a changeling, everyone could play a changeling. I mean, what is the true reason of the player to play a changeling? Does he got a unique story behind it to cover the tale? Or is it all about characteristic scores and ability traits?

As a core rule, I have limited the races to the core races as described in the PHB. However, if a player comes up with a great story and unique characteristic that truly fits to that race, AND it fits story wise, I'd allow it.

This is just some side-line advice...

Kielzog gives an interesting perspective, and there is validity to it. However, I also like to give players a lot of options as long as it doesn't directly conflict with the setting. I think allowing your PC to play as a changeling with demon blood would be fine. Alternately, you could explain the race as a doppleganger. I don't think either would conflict with the setting, although changelings aren't "canon" in Farland. There will be too many alternate rules released in UA to make Canon, so using your best judgment is best.

Cool! All advice was extremely helpful. I explained what you two said to him and he came up with a spectacular backstory. Here's the last part of it which is relevant to this conversation.

Could this potentially become canon? Or should I steer him back towards the demon that can shape change?

PS. Seeing his guide is his changeling powers, and the ruins on his arm are his suggestion for a magic focus. He wants to be a warlock, and suggests that in order to use his ruins as a magic focus the hand of that arm must be free. I think it's an awesome idea, but wanted to run it by you before beginning the campaign. He'll still need to learn how to use the magic, but I can figure out how to give him some in game magic lessons. Also, what kind of messangers could the Gods have since Warlocks use Contingent Magic?

Could what become canon?

His backstory looks great. What warlock pact did he choose?

Originally Posted by WhoEvrIwant2b View Post
Ghost I presume :-)
Should have!

A few events in one of the campaigns I'm running brought up some new questions about new races introduced in other D&D5 materials and their (potential) existence. Either on the continent of Farland or on other continents.

Also, are there elephants or Rinos on this continent? I'm planning on including them in my edits to the merchantry doc with details about prices and carry capacities and such, but could a party actually expect to encounter any on the continent of Farland?

Aasimar (half-angel) - Do angels have a roll in Farland? messengers/lackeys of the gods?
Sure, angels would be messengers and servants of the gods.

Gnolls - You've indirectly acknowledged their existence when I introduced the hope crushers. But is there anywhere specific that they tend to hang out?
Gnolls are not overly common but are fairly widespread. They live wild in remote areas and also live in settled communities in the lands controlled by the lords of sin.
Lizardfolk - The deeps? or other continents?
Lizardfolk don't work for the dark forces. They live in any swamp or or other environment where it would make sense for them to live.

Minotaur - Again, you accept their existence, but are there Minotaur societies? Perhaps on the south continent?
There are no minotaur communities in the continent of Farland. There may be some in Eruna. Haven't really thought about it.

Tosculi (giant sentient bug things)
These likely don't exist.

Aarakocra (Bird person) - probably not on the continent of Farland, otherwise there would be mention of them by now in the histories. But other continents?
Actually the birdfolk have aeries in the Grand Peaks. They are pretty rare. THey are mentioned in the recent halfling write-up.

Genasi (half-interdemensional being)
Don't see why they couldn't exist but not in any sort of society.

Goliaths - Rare and elusive, the rare occasion when one seeks companionship among other races would only see them as really big humans (7-8 feet tall), and even then would not likely be remembered much if they typically show up among the Barbarians of Anaria.
Sure, these could exist. I think I mention them on the 4e site.

Also, are there elephants or Rinos on this continent? I'm planning on including them in my edits to the merchantry doc with details about prices and carry capacities and such, but could a party actually expect to encounter any on the continent of Farland?
Yeah, they would exist in the Enemy Lands and in Eruna. They could possible show up in Farland if shipped in from there.

So I just realized that there are a couple new official books out with more monsters, including gnolls. (I wants it) X\

Is the original Monster Manual the only guaranteed yes to what monsters are in the world (with logical reasoning) while these newer books are pick and choose from such as extensions of current monsters? Or are all official books generally accepted as Farland canon as well, with only select monsters not accepted?

(I'll leave these available to grab for a few days then remove the link. I should probably remove the other 3 links from two posts ago at the same time.)


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