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Therren Does The YouTubes!

We're back with part 5 of our Heretic playthrough and, you know what? It's tough to be a heretic. So many shooting galleries, so little time...

DARLING in the FRANXX started off as a pretty good show, but thanks to a mixture of poor writing and direction fell into swift decline shortly after its halfway point. That decline resulted in one of the most jarring tonal shifts I've ever experienced. Today, we talk about what went wrong and the lessons we can glean from the show's missteps.

As we reach the end of Heretic's first act, we prepare to face off against the Iron Liches and their many minions. And then we do it again. And again. ...and again, and again, and again...

First of two videos for today, both on different aspects of the same topic: SUPERSTAR! GMs and why they're a problem.

Second video of the day, again on the topic of SUPERSTAR! GMs. This time we discuss my last encounter with such a GM, as well as why I didn't and don't hold a grudge against him for it in this particular instance.

Yesterday evening, the DawnforgedCast YouTube channel posed some interesting thoughts regarding whether or not games like Dungeons & Dragons could actually be considered role playing games. His musings were interesting enough that I felt they warranted an off the cuff response of my own.

The heretic is back! After quite a few days break from playing, we resume our playthrough of Heretic with the first few stages of Episode 2: Hell's Maw.

Since the original upload got hit with an undue copyright strike, I've decided to make my DARLING in the FRANXX analysis a bitchute exclusive.

Lately I've found myself growing somewhat disenfranchised with D&D 5E, leading me to consider a return to Pathfinder. However, before deciding whether to make the jump back, I figured I'd look at the Pathfinder 2E playtest first.

One of the simplest ways to enrich your tabletop gaming experience is to allow yourself to buy into roleplay, increasing your ability to invest in the game. This can even work for hardcore numberphiles as that boosted investment can give make your big rolls more meaningful.


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