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Notice of suspension of all activities

I've only gotten to know you over the past five months or so, but it has been a supreme pleasure. I can't and won't comment on the medical side of this post, but I would like to speak to your concerns on the meaningfulness of your life. Because I've been there. I know the sinking suspicion that I did not live, but merely existed. I still struggle with those feelings. But, a dear friend once told me something that made me feel less empty, and I hope they'll forgive me for butchering what they told me.

The greatest pain and fear of humanity is loneliness. More than the fear of physical pain, more than the fear of death, we fear that our lives will go unnoticed by our fellow passengers, that we will be forgotten. It is therefore my estimation that there is no greater good, no nobler goal than to alleviate that fear. To foster community, to give company, to share in life and imagination's sorrows and triumphs with one another.

You have done this. In writing, in gaming, in joining this community and giving your time and energy to the games, you have fostered this community, given company, and shared in both sorrows and triumphs. Yes, in this case they were born of our imaginations. Their impact was no less felt for that. You have lessened the loneliness of, if no one else, one lonely man sitting at his computer desk. Though I suspect you have done so for many, many others.

Catherine Cook, I have been honored to share my loneliness with you, and it is my fervent wish that your recovery is swift and complete. On your return, I would be further honored to know you better. Godspeed.

Our one interaction was brief conversation concerning an application for a digimon game that you started to run.

I thought you were a little strict but accepted that was your style and I wasn't a good fit for the story you were creating with my character.

I do hope that whatever this disease is can be cured and dealt with. As one who as a baby was considered by doctors to be too sick to survive and wouldn't have made a first birthday is now 5 month until his 31st birthday and has been feeling various blessings and other things throughout his life (including a few close call miracles). I'm pretty damn sure we all got someone big in our corner and all we got to do is call upon him.

My prayers will be sent for your restoration, the wisdom of your doctors to find out the cause and cure of this disease and your return to this place. Do not ever accept that your life is worthless or didn't have meaning. If the people who have responded here is but a sample of the number of people you've actually touched in your life then take that as not being alone, you may not know them by name or they may not know you by name but we are all connected in one form or another.

Don't believe the darkness and doubt in your heart, believe in the light and hope that you can (with aid from others including our big man in our corner) and will defeat this.

We'll see you in one month, don't be late *fedora hat tip*


Hi Catherine Cook,

I remember applying for a game that you were running once, and you praised my application. I have enjoyed seeing your posts around on the Weave. I read this thread as I was finishing work, and started tearing up on the bus on the way home. I do spring forest qigong, which is a Chinese energy healing system designed by Chunyi Lin, so will send whatever energy I can your way, in case it helps at all.

I was tearing up on the bus, thinking of you running out of time
What I express I must confess, is usually best set out in rhyme
I wish you well, your meaning shall dwell, forever in our hearts
Thanks for the games, the names we claim, that cannot bear to part

May you return, when doctors learn, to discern the cure
And if you go, I want you to know, so one thing is for sure
The impact you have, makes us extremely glad, to have had time with you together
If you live on, so bright and strong, we will know when you are better

Your humor and light, brightens the night, the stories that you weave
Great Wyrm you are, a shining star, so far as we perceive
Take a moment, slow, stay fast, don't go, so many tales untold you bring
Please return soon, healthy, strong with boons, thank you for everything

Always know as a plus, that you are one of us, and trust that we share in your pain and joy
Sadness or glee, the Myth Weavers community, feels the link between us employed
No matter what else is true, I am glad that we knew, the amusing stories that you describe
So forever be known, because you have shown, how to grow inspirational vibes


EDIT I have read Jake Bailey: What Cancer Taught Me, who is a guy who recovered from stage 4 cancer. My buddy on a life coaching course has parents who have also recovered from cancer, so miracles can happen. I hope that you also make a full recovery!

Skillet songs:
Not gonna die
Never Surrender


Wow, Im glad I thought to check this thread.

Catherine, Im not sure what to say, honestly. Youre a great GM and seeing how many people you have reached out to and touched is pretty incredible. Im soundly agnostic these days but the closest I have to a religion is stories and narrative. Stories help us contextualize who we are and what we want the world to be. Anyone who has facilitated the creation of stories, even in what some might consider a low form, has done more for the human condition than many can claim.

There are probably very few real comforts when staring down the barrel of a grim diagnosis but please let one of them be that you are not alone and that we do care about you. If you can, please keep us abreast of the situation and if you need to talk, were here.

I don't know you but I do have to say I truly am sorry for what you are going through. I am very, very sorry.

I came to post an update and... Wow, I never expected to get this much support, this is literally bringing tears to my eyes, thank you so much guys, from the bottom of my heart.

Anyway, that update: we have a schedule. Tomorrow, next tuesday and next thursday I will undergo a series of three exams which, while more than a little invasive, are supposedly guaranteed to lead to a definitive diagnosis. The one on tuesday especially might mess me up though, because the substance I'll have to inhale might trigger unpredictable reactions depending on what the true nature of my problem actually is: the fact that they're resorting to blindly using such a substance on me should be proof enough of just how confused the doctors are in regards to my situation. They just can't figure it out.

So yeah, in the span of a week I'll either worsen my conditions in a potentially irreparable way, or finally figure out the problem and start a cure: I've never been that lucky with coin tosses, but I don't have much of a choice here. At this point there is nothing I wouldn't do, no risk I wouldn't take, for the sake of finally understanding what I have, of finally finding the root of the problem.

@Catherine Cook, I'm usually pretty good with words but I confess that I'm at a loss. You have my sympathy for your condition, that goes without saying. Communicating by text over the Internet is inherently impersonal but I do believe that we form friendships when we game together. I am impressed by your writing and your dedication to the craft of gaming. I wish you well and hope for a speedy recovery. If you need any organs I do have a spare lung, some extra liver, and a surplus kidney. If they'd be of any use just let me know.

As a marathon runner I live by two values: don't die and don't be shit.

I think they hold up in other walks of life too.

I hope and pray that God's got a double headed coin ready in your favor Catherine, for a speedy recovery.

Our time here getting to know each other was short, but you have thus far adapted one of my most favorite--no, treasured RPGs of all time with your Disgaea PF game, but seeing your reactions to Tira's pictures I drew really got to me. You have no idea how much I appreciated that. This is a place of make believe and adventurous games, whether they are long running or cut short, but in the moment, against our imperfect and oftentimes ugly world, they come as a fine respite.

You did make contributions in life and yours certainly mattered. I hope you continue to enjoy it and that these dark times will pass and you will become better.

@Catherine Cook
We haven't interacted much on here so I won't go on, but I hope you get the answers - and the subsequent treatment - that you need. I hate to hear that you're suffering, and I hope to see some news on the 'Weave with your name as the thread creator some day soon. Steel yourself as best you can.

I wanted to say to stay positive, but that's never worked for me, so instead I'll say: deal with it the way you need to. A smile can help you feel strong, but so can anger and defiance. If one doesn't work or feel natural, then lean the other way. You have something to angry about, and something to fight for. You can do it however you want.

Everything that I could say has been said by others so I will add only what I find to be the most important: It wasn't meaningless and it is worth the fight. You've built a community of friends here and while maybe you don't number me among your friends I will be here hoping for your return to health and for your return to our community. Keep fighting, we'll be here for you regardless. We're behind you 100% of the way.


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