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The 2019 Memorial Thread

Former WWE superstar Ashley Massaro passed. Circumstances haven't been released.
Edit: Suicide.

I was on r/squaredcircle yesterday, and read about how she'd been planning an in-ring return to wrestling and posting positively literally the day beforehand. So many people were stunned by how sudden this seemed. As someone who's dealt with mental health issues literally my entire life, it doesn't take all the much to find yourself in that hole, and to forget that there's anything outside of it.

Make sure your friends are okay.

We've been mourning that one since this morning, @NikitaDarkstar. Truly sad.

Just a reminder, folks, the Memorial Threads are for Real Life.

Otherwise, for the last 8 seasons, we would have been inundated with Game of Thrones deaths.

Carry on.

It pains me to say this. RIP, Bart Starr.

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