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Fight for the future of Cybertron

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Fight for the future of Cybertron

Transformers: Ashes of Cybertron - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

The Great War draws to a close...and the Autobots have lost. But in their ambition, the Decepticons have so grievously wounded Cybertron that the planet is entering lifeless dormancy for millions of years. Now all must find new sources of precious Energon or flee the planet. You, part of the brave resistance fighting Decepticon rule to the last, must search the secrets hidden within Cybertron itself, lost to the decay of Cybertronian civilization and the ravages of war, and find a way to escape.

This game uses Mutants & Masterminds 3E for its rules, but you don't need any experience with the game to join. Just a familiarity with Transformers (or a willingness to dive into one of the coolest sci-fi universes around) is necessary. For those familiar with M&M 3E, this will start as a 150-point PL-free game and we'll go from there. This takes place directly after the events of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, with your characters hiding out on a war-torn Cybertron and trying to find a way to escape.

Number of Players: Unsure, will see how much interest there is. If I get too big a group and lose no one to attrition, I'll just recruit another GM or something.
Applications Closing: Will stay open until we have a full crew.
Characters: 150 points, no PL, see character creation thread

Game Description:

Ashes of Cybertron

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.
— Optimus Prime

The Fall of Cybertron

The war for Cybertron is lost and the Great Exodus has begun. Cybertron's core is damaged beyond repair, and the planet will become barren and lifeless for millions of years as it shuts down to repair itself. Autobots and Decepticons battle one another for the dwindling Energon resources on the dying planet. Optimus Prime has led the Ark through the space bridge, Megatron following him, to unknown worlds. This is the story of those left behind.

You are among the last few brave soldiers fighting a losing war on a dying world. Cybertron's ancient secrets, lost in ages past and uncovered by the ravages of war, may now prove to be your greatest hope. Energon pools long hidden in the wastes offer a chance to survive for those who claim them. Decepticons have taken control, but their victory will be short-lived without Energon to sustain them. The hunt is on to uncover these secrets and claim the planet's dwindling Energon resources—but the clock is ticking. The Autobots must find a way to escape or survive during the long dark. The space bridges are destroyed, but perhaps others remain hidden within the ruins of Cybertron, lost to time as the war has shattered knowledge of Transformer history. Other options may exist: derelict ships awaiting enough Energon to power an escape, hidden stores, and mysterious entities from the distant past.

Act I: Ashes of Cybertron

The first part of this game takes place on war-ravaged Cybertron itself. Battle and exodus have greatly depleted both Autobot and Decepticon forces, but the Autobots have lost. Those who remain fight a losing battle, hiding out in bunkers and bastions of resistance across the ruins. They wage guerrilla warfare against the Decepticon forces, but attrition takes its toll on both sides, with supplies dwindling each day.

This act features a mix of skirmishes and exploration, focusing on exploring the blasted ruins of cities and further locations, like the wastelands caught in rust storms, the Sea of Rust, the half-buried temples of remnants of bygone ages. Mystery abounds: lost technologies, symbols with little meaning to post-War Cybertronians, and the cryptic works of the ancients. Dangers lurk across the shadows of the dying planet, too: savage creatures like the Insecticons, corrupted hydra worms and warped former sentinels, even slain Cybertronians restored to a twisted facsimile of life by Dark Energon.

Somewhere out there exists enough Energon to power a desperate escape from this doomed world.

Act II: Escape from Cybertron
The second part of the game takes place in space. Thanks to your brave efforts, the Autobots have managed to flee the embers of Cybertron, but without a stable space bridge, all they can do is fly with a damaged transwarp drive. Pursued by Decepticon forces, the Autobots eventually crash land on an alien world far outside the few remaining star charts they possess. Now stranded on a hostile planet, with precious little pure Energon to sustain them, the Autobots must brave the dangers of wilderness and forgotten relics, and maybe forge relations with other people as the Ancients once did.

This is very much a (Netflix) Lost in Space/Robinson Crusoe/Land of the Lost-type story. You are Autobots with a crashed ship and whatever supplies survived the impact. You're stuck on a dangerous, wild planet that may or may not be inhabited, and now it's a different kind of survival than the war-torn cities of Cybertron. If you can rebuild, where do you go? In pursuit of the Ark and Optimus Prime? In search of more resources to continue the war back home? Or do you dare to seek a way to accelerate Cybertron's healing and transform a doomed planet into a vision of the past Golden Age?

'Til all are one!

Till o'er the wreck, emerging from the storm,
Immortal Nature lifts her changeful form,
Mounts from her funeral pyre on wings of flame,
And soars and shines, another and the same.

—Erasmus Darwin, The Botanic Garden

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Howdy! I am astounded that no one else has posted here! I've been looking to play a Transformers game ever since I found a fan made RPG. Any chance this game is still gonna run?

Funny, like Optimus Prime, this one's coming back. Though I am a little in doubt about my choice of system now, although I suppose that's something worth discussing for those who are there.

I found a fan made Transformers RPG a few years ago. I can't post links until after 5 posts, but it was the first result when I typed it into search. I found it to be rather good when reading through it, but sadly never was able to test it out.

That is, if you want to switch up the system.

It wouldn't happen to be this, would it?


Originally Posted by Scarecrow71 View Post
It wouldn't happen to be this, would it?

That's the one I found a few years ago. There's currently a discussion beginning about what system to use. The game once began with MM3e but right now I'm not sure. Have you played that Transformers RPG, Scarecrow? I never got the chance.

Originally Posted by unique exemplar View Post
That's the one I found a few years ago. There's currently a discussion beginning about what system to use. The game once began with MM3e but right now I'm not sure. Have you played that Transformers RPG, Scarecrow? I never got the chance.
I've already built a character for this game in M&M 3E, so I'm familiar with the discussion. I've not had a chance to ever try the system I linked to, but I'm up for anything!


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