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Within the World of Shadows: Dark Horror Fantasy

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Within the World of Shadows: Dark Horror Fantasy

Within the World of Shadow - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Nearly a century has passed since the first great kingdom of Katharel had fallen. In world swept up by darkness, terror and unrelenting malice - most of the world, isolated from one another, has made an uneasy peace with their inevitable fate. The very world around you has transformed from a lush, untamed wonderland into a savage hellscape fitting only for your nightmares.

The townsfolk dare not venture from their hovels, those fool hardy enough to step into the wilderness are never seen again - or worse yet, return as a shambling corpse of profane origins. The Ascendance, as the forces of shadow refer to themselves, swept over this world like a plague - destroying societies and civilizations from the very roots and leaving the remnants discarded across the realm forced to struggle in a vain attempt to survive. This has been your fate up until now, it has been the fate of countless people across several generations.

The world of prosperity, hope and ambition crushed soundly through the muffled screams of the damned. You are but a plaything to the Sanguine Council, a caste of noble vampiric houses who play chess with the lives of the mortals and have no qualms using them as pawns to serve their cruel ambitions. It has been largely known that the townsfolk live and die at the pleasure of their new masters, and you have no choice but to obey their every whim.

These have been the cards dealt to you, but despite the malaise and depression orchestrated on a large scale - you cannot help but yearn for a chance, a sliver of hope, to bring this world back from the nightmare. You know that while you are trapped in this dying hovel known as Duskhaven, there must be something out there. Some way that you can turn the tide on the shadows themselves and free this world from the night.

Staring out into the Dreadwoods that border the northern edge of this township, you can see the full terror that this world has to offer. But deep down, you know that someone has to face it down, else the inevitable will come to pass. Life is too precious to simply be snuffed out like this.

Do you have what it takes to face this world head on... Do you have the resolve to become a solitary light within the darkness.


Welcome to the World of Shadows, I am your host, your 'ghost' host (que evil laughter)

This campaign is designed to represent a mixture of dark fantasies while bringing forth various elements of survival and heroic moments by which the adventurers can continue to progress as this world unfolds before them. This game has countless storylines woven amongst one another and does not follow a directly linear map as the characters are but one of many who exist in this world and each decision you make will have consequences by either your action or inaction.

I am seeking out roughly 5 players to join in this campaign at the time, with a strong preference towards balanced parties and strongly developed characters. Roleplaying is just as crucial if not more crucial an aspect as 'raw statistic power' so my aim is that people develop truly unique characters that they can engage with rather than become overly concerned about min-maxing everything.

To further expand upon this setting, I have incorporated several house rules that add more flavor and danger to the campaign.

I am looking tentatively to have selected the 5 characters to join the party by June 28th. If needed, I can make accomodating circumstances, I am very eager to get the ball rolling . Feel free to post stuff on here or within the threads set up for the game thusfar.

Struggle well, heroes.

Game Description:

Set in a dark fantasy world that takes inspiration from Dark Souls, Castlevania and other related materials.

The fledgling heroes find themselves at the mercy of a world overcast by darkness and struggle. In eras past, the mortal races advanced and continuously clashed for dominion over the realm of Katharel. The most powerful kingdoms continued to thrive as the inevitable wars helped build unbreakable empires and further cement their claim to the regions. However, like all great nations, they would begin to fall as the world continues forward. The turning point by which this endless renaissance started its downswing was with the arrival of a peculiar necromancer. This being held no name and simply introduced themselves as a herald of change.

The necromancer brought forth statements of pestilence, plagues, and eternal hardship should the kingdoms continue to thrive unchecked. They offered the kingdom a simple choice; to cast aside their pride and surrender their power in order to return the world to a state of balance or to be consumed for their ambitions. Despite the necromancers efforts, they were cast out by the ruling nobility with the same response regardless of where they went. And so this herald had faded into story.

Decades later, the Kingdoms had their first incursions with the malevolent presence later known as the Ascendance. These dismal beings sought to sever the ties each Kingdom held with one another and their countless townships and cities. It began slowly: A rampant infection in one small town, supplies of food and sustenance decaying overnight, rumors of the local wildlife becoming more hostile, feral even. Bit by bit, each little hovel in the world found itself under siege by things it simply could not account for. It was as if a curse destined to bring misfortune had fell upon them. And then it finally happened. The death and chaos began to spiral out of control. Towns became more isolated and cut off from one another, and eventually rumors of the undead and powerful creatures began to circulate. Adventurers dwindled into stories, very few having the courage to travel further than a mere few miles from their township.

The first Kingdom, the Silver Enclave, had fallen - the King had been assassinated by his own guardsmen who feared for their families well being and he forbade them from leaving the castle and rendering him defenseless. As the guards finally hoped to travel to their own respective nearby towns, the creatures of undeath rose to meet them. And the rest has diminished over time.

The various organizations throughout the world, mundane and supernatural alike, had resigned themselves from their allegiances to their former townsfolk and kingdoms. Many would later be rumored to have joined up with this Ascendance and helped elevate the Sanguine Council into power over the realms. This council consisted of numerous lineages of noble vampire castes who each sought out their own stake in the world of Katheral. Taking over as the new rulers of this vast world, the vampires began to conspire and contest one another in a never ending game of politics and subterfuge.

It has been nearly a hundred years since the fall of the Silver Enclave. Countless horrors roam the world both of savage and profane varieties. Those fortunate to survive do so at the mercy of the vampires and their kin that rule over their regions with an iron fist. The Sanguine Council, and the Ascendance, at large have not sought yet to dispose of the mortal races but instead prefer to subjugate them and establish a hierarchy by which the peasantry can live in fear and absolute obedience to their masters whims. Isolated from the rest of the world, struggling to survive each day, you cannot help but feel that something will have to give. The only question is who will win and prosper in the end, you - or the death that surrounds you.


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Isn't it supposed to be Humanity?

Ah, referring to my little title thing?

They are actually called "Imanity" in that series - but yeah, they are humans heh

*shudder at the mention of Dark Souls* This sounds just like something I can dig into.

I already posted interest when you first mentioned this thing! The map is hopefully ready on my part and the rest will be up to you.

So far getting some good stuff rolling in. Hoping to keep up the momentum with some more applicants

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