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The Wendigo Horror

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The Wendigo Horror

The Wendigo Horror - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

It is the strongest winter in recent memory. There are constant snow storms, and it covers most of the continent. The cold makes it impossible to sleep in the outside. There are almost no foliage in the trees, and only the bravest (or stupidest) of beasts wander in the wild.
This will start at level 5.

27 point buy
Any Race and Class
Standard Gold and Equipment
Roll for HP

I am closing applications July 4th

Game Description:

The Wendigo Horror is a one-shot adventure, meant to be played by a 5th-level party!

After a rich family attempt to investigate the rumors of a demon haunting a monastery goes terribly wrong, the party seems to be their only hope of finding out what happened there!

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Could you elaborate a bit on the setting and the initial situation and the setting?

Where are the player characters at start, what are the people and the local culture like, what monastery are we talking about, what rumours have we heard about this "demon" (I guess it's rather some kind of undead spirit or similar haunting than a literal demon).

Reading a bit between the lines I can guess the locale is in temperate forested area (reference to foilage, deciduous forest seems predominant), it's not in the taiga, such as Icewind Dale, where winters tend to get very cold, and it's at least in a sizeable town, possibly a city (a rich family, rather than the baron)...

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