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2E: Dark Pursuits

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2E: Dark Pursuits

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Good day everyone, I am looking to recruit five Acolytes to a game of Dark Heresy Second Edition following the Forgotten Gods story that begins in the Core Rulebook with Dark Pursuits, then into the Game Master's Kit with Desolation of the Dead and finishes in the adventure book Forgotten Gods. If we manage to complete all of this and the players are still interested, then I'll be happy to continue on but I think at this point we have our hands filled surviving in the grim darkness of the far future, where there is only war...

Everything regarding character creation should be in the forums as linked above, as is a minimal amount of information on the Inquisitor whose 'employment' you find yourselves in - you're not yet at the point where you know her on a more personal level beyond the rumours you've experienced in your training - and it is in the forum that I would prefer any questions be asked.

Hoping to see you in the game!


Game Description:

Hive Desoleum holds many heresies and horrors, and you are gathered here for but one of them. There are increasing reports of horrible deaths within the hiveís upper levels, with odd items of a possible xenos or archaeotech nature found with each corpse. Fellow nobles have related these were preceded with bouts of erratic and troublesome behaviour, and worry that a hive noble named Lans Guljian has exhibited many of the same behaviours.

You are tasked with the Emperorís Work: to investigate the deaths and possible connections to any illicit artefacts, determine if they are potential dangers of a wider nature, and terminate their distribution. Recover and contain any items uncovered, lest they corrupt others.

Carry the Emperorís Light with you throughout the hive, for there is little proper illumination to be found in this festering, ancient edifice. Desoleum teeters on the bladeís edge of damnation, and one further heresy could topple the entire hive into the abyss.

Briefing delivered on behalf of Inquisitor Selene Hildane

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