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Lost Episodes Season Six

Lost Episodes - Forum
Star Wars Saga - Legacy Era

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Season 6 of the Lost Episodes

It is a period of civil war with the galaxy torn apart by warring factions. The Empire has been torn asunder after the Emperor disappeared and his mighty battleship, the Revenge, was destroyed. A New Order has risen, led by the militaristic Governor Tarkin, a descendant of the Grand Moff, and they are intent on subjugating the entire galaxy. The determined New Alliance fight the remaining scourge of the Imperial Remnant and the ascending New Order. Sith Lords are experimenting with things best left in the past. And the hutts, powerful crime lords, have established their own Dominion under the charismatic Dreego.

Trade lanes are under constant attack and many planets are suffering from the lack of commerce. Local governments tax heavily for the faction that controls their planet this cycle. Throughout known space, the very fabric of society is stretched to the breaking point. All it takes is a few steps towards destruction or stabilization. Heroes are needed to lead the New Alliance out of the darkness.

Game Information
For the past 10 (!!) years (guess we're technically starting decade two), the Lost Episodes have been gaming across the galaxy. What began as a group whose main interest was to follow the next shiny has now become a powerful and influential group of special operations soldiers whose main interest is to follow the next bigger shiny. As a Rotating GM Group, each player is expected to GM, and GMs can expect to play. Over the decade, frankly, a lot of folks have come and gone. Lost Episodes, however, has kept on going.

Do's and Do not's
Do expect to have fun. Do not expect to have a heavy drama experience.
Do expect to influence the galaxy. Do not expect to become the leader of any major faction.
Do expect to matter. Do not expect to be the center of attention.
Do make a character that can interact with the population. Do not go all emo.
Do plan on a posting schedule that can vary widely.
While we would love to be able to post 1/day, everyday, reality simply has never really worked out that way. We've had 1 post per month rates. We've had 1 post per day rates. We've had a lot in between. Those of us who have stayed in the game a long time understand that both are going to happen, and we can adapt. Please be aware of that. If you require daily posting to "stay in the mood" then we probably are not going to be a good fit. If you only post "once every week or so" you might get left behind sometimes. In the humble (hah, I'm not humble at all) opinion of this chap, the best way to have success is to accept the limits and adapt to the rate.
Long thought on posting rates

Jedi have a notorious past with us. Lots of Jedi applicants, lots of Jedis who drop out faster than anyone else. Future GMs who submit Jedi characters should be aware that it's a much higher bar for acceptance. This is a low-Jedi galaxy.

You can fill any role you want. Don't try to "fill a hole" in the group, as most of the holes are already filled either through skill training or droids. Just make a character you want to play. Plus, with all the bonuses and reworks, everyone is sort of an everything already.

New players will get to play in one episode before they are put into the GM rotation. Everyone must GM.

Special note on age, the forum has a lot of stuff in it over 10 years, and some is contradictory and some is obsolete. When in doubt, ask, but if you start with assuming the goal is fun, you're probably more than halfway to the answer.

Character Creation
Please see this post here for details on character creation and house rules.

Applying to the Game
A completed game application will consist of the following:

1) A short bit of information about you. I'd suggest avoiding the school/work/life bio information and focus on the game-relevant information. Gaming style, GMing style, games liked, played, etc. Put in things that highlight your reliability as that will be a key issue for us. If you want to make this part private, go ahead.

2) A character- a paragraph or two about the character, as well as some information about why the character wants to join the New Rebellion. The game's timeline has information that might help. A completed character sheet is NOT required, but a rough outline of the character is (species, classes, levels, and concept). Do not make this part private.

3) Any other information you'd like to provide, either in character or about yourself. Private or not, doesn't matter to me.

Applications go here.

There is no specific format required. Put together the app as you like.

If you apply, you will be informed via PM if the app has been accepted or denied.

Questions? Please ask below. I'll try to answer every thread I see with one.

Game Description:

In the year 155 ABY the galaxy is at peace. After years of struggle the Sith Empire has finally conquered the galaxy. The last remnants of the Galactic Republic were defeated 5 years ago in the Outer Rim. It was not a great battle, or one that will be remembered. Less than a dozen Republic ships had remained, arrayed against the Grand Fleet of the Empire. Emperor Arsaec, a powerful Sith Lord, left before the first shots were fired. The battle was a foregone conclusion.

Since the end of the Republic day to day life in the Sith Empire, for the common citizen, has been largely peaceful. Taxes are high, but not unbearable. Trade goods are flowing. Smugglers still thrive, though the punishments for crime are harsh. One system, Corellia, tried to rise up against the Empire. Over 80% of the population were either killed or enslaved. Since that time other systems have waited patiently and quietly, in no hurry to rebel; they see clearly that the Sith will soon take care of themselves. They are waiting.

The Jedi, the guardians of the galaxy from times long past, have largely disappeared. Most were killed by the Sith during the war. Some turned and joined the Sith. A few, a small precious few, remained behind, keeping the lore, history, and training of the Jedi alive. They operate largely in secret, trying to keep the peace. They are waiting. Hidden.

The galaxy is waiting, with baited breath, for something. Empires have risen and fallen. Republics have come and gone. Surely a sign must be coming, something to mark the start of a new age.


Call me DRK, if needed. Remember rule one- when in doubt, do something.
Mon-Fri (US EST) normal posting.
Man, it's been a looong time since I've GM'd anything. I wonder if I still have it in me...
I've got your forum bookmarked and I hope to have an app in in the next few days. Is there a deadline for applications?

No particular deadline. Usually not overflowing with apps so we don't usually need to have a set close.

I can see why. To join a game that has so much history to it is kind of intimidating. Couple that with the requirement to also GM at some point and it becomes quite the commitment. Can't wait to see what kind of character I'm inspired to create and then what kind of game I can put together.

Don't be intimidated too much by the history. If anything, it's a long history of our failure to keep as many GMs as we've seen. Wait, that might be more intimidating. It's a history of .... oh, I don't know. Just don't be too intimidated by it.

Depending from how my games evolve I might submit an application, but I don't want to jump the gun and then drop it on some clearly dedicated guys.

If you feel like it'd be a good fit, give it a shot.

this seems amazing, i'm a star wars lover, and this seems to be played by ppl that also are haha
It's been a looong time since i wanted to play a Star Wars game, i'm actually narrating one irl haha
So you're taking apps right?


Closing the ad but folks can still apply in the next day or three.

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