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Eversky: Eye of the Abyss - A Heroic Fantasy Steampunk Adventure

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I'll begin restatting Algernon as a Paladin immediately. His fluff will remain more or less identical, though I may do a bit of reworking as to what, exactly, the Believing Engine actually believes in.

Also: Yay for getting in!

Thank you for accepting my application. I wish those of you who did not "get in" the finest of times in their futures (and I will possibly see you sometime in the future), and I say hello and I hope to have a good time roleplaying with you.

Congrats to those who made it in! It's probably for the best that I didn't make it, as my schedule is a bit hairy at the moment.

Good Gaming!

Bummer, I would've loved to be able to throw down in this wonderful world.

Grats to those who made it!

P.S. *Hug for Coyote*

Can I be a reader? Just another game I didn't have time to apply for!

Ah - sadly, I did not see this application earlier. It looks like it would have been fun!

Do look me up if you ever need a replacement.


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