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Society - Inequality vs. Equality

Originally Posted by Ikul View Post
Who said this society is located in the US?
So you think its okay that you'll not be hired based on your belief (or lack thereof) in Santa Claus? Does it matter where you live if this is the case?

Originally Posted by Michael Silverbane View Post
So you think its okay that you'll not be hired based on your belief (or lack thereof) in Santa Claus? Does it matter where you live if this is the case?
No, I don't. I just don't think the US constitution is to be used as some standard for morality everywhere. The folks in the US have their legislation, that's fine, but saying this is immoral because the US law happens to say so is fallacious.

Also the constitution does not say that it is illegal to not hire someone because of their religious belief. That is a product of the civil rights act of 1964, and there are exceptions to it (for example, a religious institution can discriminate on the basis of religion). it is also prosecuted on a company by company basis, not an entire community at a time. If I work for someone who refuses to hire UFO abductees (which they see not as a religious belief but just as not hiring crazy people), should my taxes have to pay for the life and care of the person my employer refuses to hire? Whether I agree with the decision or not?

What is the greater imposition, silveroak? What is the greater violation of one's rights?
To have mandated a contribution to a community fund, a very small portion of which goes to help an individual who's situation is no fault of yours, but but the long-term improvement of which will also be statistically likely to materially improve your own situation?
Or to be relegated to homelessness and destitution, likely leading to chronic illness and early death?

There should for sure be a safety net. I don't think you'll find many (electorally speaking) who disagree with that. The biggest differences of opinion is in the size and scope, qualifications, benefits, etc. Whether it's better to have a soup kitchen or direct cash payments, etc. That's where the real issues lay. Whether or not to let someone starve to death isn't really the debate.

Whether or not to guarantee through state action that such services (ie. prevent you from starving or freezing to death) are available or to leave it to private charity DOES seem to be up for debate.

Sorry, I didn't read Kaeso's entire post. You're right. I was viewing it as more of a political thing instead of following the path of the thread closely.

There definitely is a role for safety nets in government and it shouldn't be left entirely to private charity.

So if Fred Phelps wants to support his church on welfare and social security because nobody would voluntarilly contribute to it outside his familly, that is just an expression of his freedom of religion regardless of how unpopular it might be?

Regardless of how unpopular his or any of his congregation's opinions might be, if they should legitimately find themselves in a situation where they are otherwise unable to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves, they should not be left as a prize for one of disease, starvation, or exposure.

I do not believe that the right to life allows you to demand goods and services from the state while offering nothing in return. If you are effectively unable to work, then human decency and community demand that you be taken care of, but if you are able to work and sustain yourself, then the state should not maintain you forever. I do believe that social welfare programs should be used to create life stability though, not just sustainability. If your company collapses, then having the state continue to supply you with the income to pay your bills for the time it reasonably takes to find a job makes sense. It helps to prevent a downward spiral into poverty and depression. On the other hand, that does not mean that the state should support you in your quest to find your ideal job. If you were in a lucrative field and can not find a similar position quickly, you are not entitled to ignore lower paying jobs while still taking assistance from the state.

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