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The Mad Science feat has been added.

- Training in Engineering is a prerequisite to the Mad Science Feat. Mad Science allows you to choose two out of the three benefits below:
~ Gain 3 Wild Talents of your choice.
~ Gain training in Alchemy and Creation Rituals, with the ability to substitute Arcana rolls with Engineering.
~ Use the Defiling action as per Dark Sun (Pg 80)

Posting Interest and prepping application.

First a little inspiration:

BDD: I'm rapidly realizing that for all Algernon's backstory is awesome, being a Runepriest isn't particularly mechanically compatible with an intelligence-based Engineering feat. Would you be willing to let me use Wisdom for engineering instead of Intelligence? Maybe Algernon can sacrifice his Human Bonus Skill in order to switch primary stats or something?

Edit: I guess I could give him a minor bump in Intelligence, and then take Skill Focus: Engineering as his human bonus feat, giving him a little bit of extra Mad Science "oomph," so to speak.

Well, here is my character concept. I hope that you like it. I will be throwing the sheet together sometimein the near future (by the end of the weekend, more than likely). I know that he will have Mad Science (with Wild talent and Alchemist), training in Arcana, Athletics, and probably either religion or heal.

@ Crucival - I think I'm gonna stick with keeping Engineering as an Int skill, just because your justification for allowing Wis to be used would be pretty much the same as a vanilla Paladin or Cleric asking to use his Wis for his Religion skill. That they aren't necessarily the most informed in the Knowledge does make a kind of sense. In the same way that a Paladin taps into a kind of "magic" as a source of power, but can't quite perform some of the more delicate functions as a Wizard, your "Belief Engine" may end up having less capability for finesse than the device of a hardcore engineer or a hardcore wizard. Your character seems to be treading the divide not only between magic and technology, but also the divine, so your talents may end up being split between those disciplines as well.

BDD, sounds reasonable. I statted the character up using a Skill Focus: Engineering feat and his skills aren't so bad. They'll lag behind at later levels, probably, but that's reasonable given his split disciplines, as you said.

It also might not be a bad idea to roleplay some of your other skills as part of your rig. If you're running something like that, I think there's a certain spin you can add to it to give it more of a Wisdom-based flavor. I'm thinking Insight especially, bouncing off the concept of an Alethiometer, where the Rig has also developed a sense for truth and illusion. This could also come into play if you end up picking up some divination rituals.

This isn't done yet, but I wanted to get feedback about the general direction and see if there are better ways to tie him into your world (mad props on the world by the way, super cool).

I'm planning on re-flavoring quite a bit, especially if the group needs a striker. The basic concept is a dwarf in samurai style armor wielding a big-ole hammer and meditating to commune with the saints of his order rather than raging.

Crits and comments are welcome from anyone, I hope to finish up tomorrow or Saturday.

Name: Mordakai HammerShaft of the Illustrious Brotherhood of the Hamurai

Race: Dwarf

Archetype: Stoic wandering swordsman questing for absolution with strong samurai flavoring

Potential Classes: Hamurai - which depending on needs can mean any of the following, see the reflavoring section for and explanation of how each would work.

@Baddecisiondino: I was hoping I could take Mark of Storm as an alternate access point to revenant. Basically, rebirth from high-energy exposures in the Elemental Chaos, instead of rebirth in the Abyss.

Of Power and Steel

Name: Xhorun the Metalmancer
Race: Revenant (Githzerai/Mistborn)
Potential Classes:
Swordmage, Wizard, Warlock


Xhorun is defined first and foremost by his interests. Machines, and revenge. He considers other people to be some sort of odd, poorly made automatons, designed by chance and chaos instead of by the ordered mind of a proper inventor.

He has a little more time, of course, for others of a similar ilk; inventors, tinkerers, or cyborgs of various types... and is polite, when he notices people are talking to him.

If Xhorun was handed godly power, he'd remake... everyone. He'd get right into the details, and tinker everyone, until they were 'improved' to his satisfaction. He'd make everyone perfect.

Xhorun expects nothing but perfection from himself, and respects people which help him reach his expectations. When he fails his expectations... Xhorun becomes angry.

Xhorun also gets angry when something doesn't work properly, when he draws the wrong conclusions, when he is surprised.... and anger always makes Xhorun Stressed.

Stress? Stress makes Xhorun manic, and twitchy. Makes his movements and deductions faster, his mutterings crazier. Stress throws him into 5th gear.

Crazy? Xhorun is, definitely. Crazy, but organized. His crazy is the insane inventor crazy. His ethics are the ethics of a reasoning being; he doesn't want to have to hurt people, so he treats them decently. When convinced that people are 'unfixable', however, he doesn't hesitate to reduce them to their organic and inorganic components.

Everyone agreed that he was crazy. But, when a crazy man produces works of wonder, absolute mechanical art, who will dissuade him? Who will suggest that, perhaps, just possibly, he might slow down... might rest... might spend a single, waking moment in the presence of people, rather than machines?

And so he worked. Xhorun, the self-named, self-proclaimed mage of machinery. Worked, until he had built everything he knew how to make. Until the world itself imposed too many limitations on his vision.

And then he disappeared.

Into the Great Mist. Past. For a generation, he labored, while chaos sought to unmake his very form. His inventions served him well, keeping his flesh sane, mostly unchanged (though he died several times). Then it was built. His master-work, the Ark of Xhorun....

A ship beyond imagination, wrought from equal parts chaos and order, with thrumming great engines of unimaginable power.
Certain of glory and fame, he returned, to show the world, to gather funds for yet another great expedition, yet another masterwork.

And who did he first chance upon? The Eladrin great fleet.
Certainly, they were impressed... certainly they wondered.

And when they sought to capture the Ark, they failed....
And when they sought to destroy it, they Succeeded.

Succeeded in making an enemy whose insanity was only overmatched by his new desire for vengeance.
Whose body had been wrapped in the primordial chaos, and his framework of mechanical allies, for too long....

Or perhaps, just long enough.

You had some Questions, Sir? Ask, then!

Friends? Xhorun has a partner, of sorts. A man who made it his role to supply the good doctor with his requirements, in exchange for selling some of his lesser inventions. An inordinately wealthy man by the name of Norbert Biggs.

Enemies? Xhorun doesn't have any he knows of... he has the Eladrin empire, object of his current attentions, an empire clearly so mistaken in its goals that it must be dissembled... but no individual enemies.

Family, etc? His childhood was lonely, his mother dying early, his father spending the remainder of his life multiplying his fortunes. Xhorun was the sole son, and sole inheritor of a sizeable fortune, which he absentmindedly squandered upon its bestowal.

Very interested. I'll get something up after work today. I am without the Dark Sun and Eberron campaign settings though, so if you would kindly send me that information, that would rock.

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