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Rise of Skywalker

I plan to go to the movie, eat my popcorn, and enjoy it. Yes, there are things they could have done to make the story tighter. Yes, there's still bad acting (hey, the original series wasn't stellar either). But given that the fan base is so large and their demands so diverse, there's no possible way to satisfy them all. Everyone's a critic

+1 to the original trilogy’s acting not being the greatest. The original trilogy was so mind blowing due to what were at the time insane special effects. We just tend to view the original movies with nostalgia. The writing for the prequels? That honestly was about on par with the original trilogy IMO, Lucas never really improved.

Original trilogy gave us Ewoks, prequels gave us Jar Jar, the newest trilogy gave us Leia Poppins. I’m with Eric on getting popcorn, going to a Star Wars movie, and enjoying it with my brain off.

Going to go see it, as with time, I simply gave up on ever experiencing the same joys and feelings that I had as a kid. I just go enjoy popcorn movies and that's it. Nostalgia is alright but not worth spending so much time dwelling on it.

I'm not surprised to see some frothing rage from so-called fans about this - frankly they could do literally anything and there'd be people up in arms about it. Honestly I'm not sure that that's any way to continue such an old franchise like this; people are blinded by nostalgia (the original films were great, but our memories blow them out of perspective) and if you keep everything the same, people are bored and find you uncreative, and if you try to do anything new at least some of them will hate it and feel that you've violated their beloved thing.

Still, if they do make Ren a Skywalker, I think that would be a mistake and a disappointment. It actually feels unlikely; it doesn't fit with the plot or tone of The Last Jedi, which was far more interesting than previous films and almost subverted their tropes a bit. It would be a shame if they threw that all away (The Force Awakens was good but derivative; I don't blame them for that - they still had fans of the old series frothing about it despite that it was literally A New Hope again with different actors - but I'd rather they continue in the direction that The Last Jedi went in).

I wouldn't be upset if The Emperor were back, either, and certainly not surprised. Kylo Ren is a much more interesting villain but he's still a bit lame and doesn't quite fill that ultimate bad guy role. After Snoke, there's kind of a gap there, and it's not like you can easily introduce someone new (and have us care about them) in the ninth part of a nine-film series. It kind of raises questions and so whether it works or not would depend on how you do it, but I'd be up for it.

Worst case scenario, #9 will probably at least be entertaining and better than the prequels (which, for all their criticism, were themselves mostly entertaining even though they weren't actually that good), but it's not like I'm not going to go and see it, anyway.

I'll do what I normally do. Watch it. Enjoy it. Avoid all contact with the Fandom Menace. I made the mistake of making a comment on Twitter yesterday, but on the plus side I am now Twitter free. I guess I could thank Star Wars fans for that.

TFA went inconsistent with the end of the Original Tril. TLJ was a dumpster fire (if only they spent half the time on the script and characters as they obviously did in making the visuals). This trailer looks interesting... not sure if I'll drop the cash to see it in theater though.

Currently my head-canon runs the Originals and then the Thrawn Tril... (ok, so its now five books, but I haven't read the two sequels to that tril yet).

edit: for what it's worth, my RPG-canon for SW deviates pretty far from Lucas's tale. Little things, like the Rule of Two not existing. The Jedi not being quite as wiped out post Order 66, etc.

While I don't doubt there are raging "fans", most of my emotion comes from just sheer utter disappointment in where the franchise has gone. I come into this as someone that devoured the expanded universe, now Legends, up like crazy. I played the Jedi Knight games and all the other possible Star Wars games through the 90s and early 2000s. *sighs*... even Masters of Teräs Käsi, but I digress.

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the people running the show seemed to at least acknowledge the decades of comics that existed before the movies. They've taken elements of those stories and interwoven them over ten years and into what we have now moving into Endgame. Given a lot of us are also experiencing burnout with the MCU too, we could clearly segue into a debate on the MCU, but that's not the point of this. The point is that still the MCU at least seemed to give some degree of acknowledgement to the characters and this comic history. The movies are littered with easter eggs for comic book nerds.

The new Star Wars has not done that at all. We had dozens upon dozens of existing characters and plot ideas we could have cherry picked from to bring the SW film universe to a new generation. We can seemingly be okay with stealing/borrowing comic elements from Marvel, but not the novels/comics from Star Wars? I would have rather seen something like Shadows of the Empire up on the big screen. It'd get around Harrison Ford's disdain of the character, as Han is stuck in carbonite the whole film. Clearly Carrie passed away, so things like that cant happen now, but given the "de-aging" tech that Disney has been so good at showing with the Marvel films? We could have easily see something like that instead of the Solo film . You introduce new characters still and give options for later down the line with other films. We could have gotten something like Dark Forces as the "alternating" series between the main trilogy. It keeps the core of the universe for the fan base, but clearly shows there is more than Skywalker and friends.

For me the franchise is dead in terms of the movies, short of some mind blowing change that comes with Episode IX. I have the old comics/books. I can probably find the old games on PC. Raging isnt worth the effort. I'm just disappointed at such wasted potential of plots/characters/themes discarded for what we have gotten in its place.

Originally Posted by ArcaneDesperado View Post
While I don't doubt there are raging "fans", most of my emotion comes from just sheer utter disappointment in where the franchise has gone.
I was a member of the Fan Force. I quit in 2005 when "fans" were making death threats against Lucas and Ahmed Best over Jar Jar. Last night I got accused of being a N**i because I like Star Wars villains. After a couple hours of that, I deactivated my 11 year old Twitter account because I don't want to wait until one of them doxes or SWATs me.

So obviously I won't be watching it anywhere near a theater nor anywhere where fans gather.

So far Disney SW has been a lot of wasted potential. It is sad that we didn't get to see Luke, Leia and Han together again on screen.

Someone like Kevin Feige should have been in charge of the story... as is... the Disney Tril is a clusterducj.

Originally Posted by Drowbane View Post
So far Disney SW has been a lot of wasted potential. It is sad that we didn't get to see Luke, Leia and Han together again on screen.

Someone like Kevin Feige should have been in charge of the story... as is... the Disney Tril is a clusterducj.
I think that might have more to do with timing (Carrie Fisher passing) and Harrison Ford wanting out of the franchise than anything a director or writer did.


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