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Magical Girls of Juniper City

Aurora Syndrome - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

Ever since you can remember you've been able to see things others couldn't. Little things like the patch of flowers that glowed, or the nest of six legged squirrels in a tree beside your window. Thatís just normal for you though and life goes on. Making friends at school, or not, is far more important. And really there isn't much else to set you apart from other people.

At least that's what you thought right up until one of those strange animals streaked up to you while you were in a deserted park and screamed at you to run for your life. You only had a moment to be confused before a monstrous /thing/ came out of nowhere and tried to smash you into pulp. Thankfully a reflexive dodge kept that from happening.

The now frantic little creature then had you say a string of apparently magic words you didn't really grasp at the time, and the next thing you knew you were had a snazzy new costume and blasted that monster into a few wisps of shadow with your fantastic magic powers.

Ever since then the little creature, which calls itself a Moochee, has been teaching you about magic. The Moochee says youíre a scion now, a magical protector of humanity. There have been more and more monsters popping up, and itís apparently your job to fight them.

The Game
This game will be exploring the impact and reality of magical girls dealing with their powers and the impacts they have on their lives and society in general. I am looking for players interested in playing in such a setting. The game will probably be more light hearted in tone as I tend not to be particularly grim in my writing, but expect serious issues to come up that won't be solvable without planning, work, and potentially sacrifice.

Mechanically the game will be using Mutants and Masterminds 3E. This will be my first time using this ruleset, but it was extensively recommended for a Magical Girl game so I don't expect any problems in that regard. Characters will be PL8 with 120 points to start.

If you're interested check the applications thread in the forum, and make a new thread for your character.

Game Description:

Several decades ago people started reporting seeing things that werenít there. Or rather scientists started to note that some people who reported seeing things that others couldnít were starting to agree with each other in surprising detail. Sure there have always been trends such as alien watchers agreeing on broad details, but these were very specific details. Sightings of a particular type of six leaved plant growing in helices under damp bridges. Or seeing new breeds of rabbits with unusual fur patterns. Mundane things from otherwise normal people that only drew attention because of the fact that no one else saw them.

The sightings varied by region and time as would expected of animals and planets in different climates around the world, but the most striking and exotic thing was that everyone afflicted reported seeing auroras on otherwise clear nights. And thus in the popular parlance the affliction became known as Aurora Syndrome.

There was a bit of a media fuss, but since most of these people were otherwise completely sane they were soon released. And being sane most of them kept quiet about future sightings to blend in. In the short excitement tuned news cycle of modern life, this wasn't much of a story, so Aurora Syndrome faded into the background. It became something children were diagnosed with early in their lives and learned to keep to themselves or only talk about with others that had the syndrome.

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Magical Girls, huh? Color me interested.

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