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Be heroes in a mythical desert (OSR style).

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Be heroes in a mythical desert (OSR style).

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This is a Godbound game set in a pseudo-Mesopotamian setting. Players take on the roles of demi-deities in a land of city-states steadily falling into chaos. The gameplay will mainly follow the conventions typical of Old School Renaissance games with some story going on in the backdrop--which players should eventually end up affecting.

Go here for character creation:

Deadline: July 8th.

Game Description:

Eons ago, the desert was tamed by three legendary heroes. When they were still human incomprehensibly terrifying, utterly inhuman, behemoths ruled a dead land and ever encroached upon and brought ruin to humanity. Sacrificing their humanity, these heroes fought titanic monsters, becoming--self-described--deities and reshaping the land in the wake of mythical battle. Once the foes had been banished from the realm, these fledgling gods brought life and water into a dried wasteland. Thereafter they took on the title of the Holy Tribunal and ruled from the great mountain to the north. Up until the last two hundred years they have occasionally walked among mortals.

Recently, however, many have noticed them now all too distant. While the Tribunal remain locked up in the great mountain countless oddities have cropped up. City states begin to turn against one another, some subservient spirit-lords, once commanded to assist city-states by the Tribunal, have begun to rebel, and other disconcerting events transpire. Strange winds are blowing.

Yet a ray of hope penetrates through the darkness. For some mortals have found themselves awakening with impossible vigor, imbued with divine essence from whence they know not. While these newborn demigods are barely mere children compared to the--apparently absent--Tribunal, they may be the realms last hope.

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