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To Save Our Masters

To Save Our Masters - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

That's right: dogs.

You are a dog. Your owner is an adventurer. They, and the rest of their party, live comfortably in the town of Oldbarrow Crossing. But something's happened: your owners have been gone for two weeks now. They've never been gone that long before without at least sending someone from the village to feed all of you.

Something has gone wrong. And it's up to you to find your masters... and save them.

Inspirations for this game clearly include Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, as well as almost every piece of media ever written about dogs coming to the aid of their masters. Please note that the dogs can speak to each other and perform tasks usually beyond the average canine (such as equipping and using weapons and armor), but you are very much dogs. Not awakened dogs, and certainly not anthropomorphic dogs--dogs.

Check the forum for the creation rules, but essentially the way it works is this: take a typical character, give them the Small racial trait and another bonus one based on the size of dog breed they are, and you're golden! Unless you're a Labrador instead. I'll need to know a little about the dog's master as well. Again, check the creation thread for more info.

I will be selecting people on July 19th, unless I get a swarm of great apps and decide to shut down the process earlier. I'm looking for no more than six players. Feel free to ask questions either here or in the game thread.

Finally, credit for this game's inspiration very much goes to Animal Adventures and their absolutely wonderful miniatures line, Dungeons and Doggies.

Game Description:

It's been two weeks now. We were good for the first few days. We were hungry, and thirsty, but we didn't break the rules. We didn't touch the food in the cupboard. We waited.

The food is almost gone now. The water, too. We've broken rules about keeping the house clean. We're frantic with worry. We have no idea where they've gone, but we have no choice other than to try and follow as best we can. Because if they've been gone this long, they must be in trouble.

When we needed them, they were there for us. Time to return the favor.

This is a game about love.

This is a game about kindness.

This is a game about loyalty in the face of insurmountable peril.

This is a game... about dogs.

Anyway, this cake is great! It's so delicious and moist.

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Funny you made this Tsuyoshikentsu. Just finish watching The Journey of Natty Gann and feel like making Jed now.

I generally avoid 5e, but this might be the game that gets me to check it out...

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