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To Catch a Thief

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To Catch a Thief

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

To Catch a Thief

What has happened so far...

In 1332, 19-year-old Stanek Mèirle secretly married 16-year-old Alesia Browning who was already pregnant. Soon after, she gave birth to their first son, Charlie. For five years, the couple were happy; with Alesia staying home and taking care of Charlie, while Stanek made ends meet working as a rogue for the then-recently-formed thieves' guild called The Brotherhood. But that happiness turned to grief, when in 1338, Alesia died giving birth to her second son, Beagan Mèirle.

Left by himself to take care of two children now, Stanek Mèirle stayed with The Brotherhood for a couple more years. But finally, the grief and anger that Stanek felt over the loss of his wife, caused him to drink more and more, and he left The Brotherhood to work solo as a thief.

When Charlie was old enough--seven or eight--Stanek began teaching him the skills of a thief. And in turn, he did the same with his other son, Beagan. The three of them lived in an upstairs run-down apartment in the lower district of Northwyck, and managed to steal enough to keep their bellies full and a roof over their heads. But drinking was more important to Stanek than going out to do certain jobs, and Charlie did most of the work for his father. Beagan wasn't bad at pickpocketing either, as he and his brother worked the upper district of Northwyck.

But as time went on, Beagan was subjected to frequent beatings not only by his brother, but his father as well. It wasn't that Beagan was incompetent in what he did, or that he caused any real trouble for his family, but Stanek was only reminded of what he had lost whenever he looked at Beagan, and Charlie always seemed to get some sort of twisted pleasure out of hurting his younger brother. As a result of being physically abused so often, Beagan stayed home less, and crashed at Gharak's place.

At 20 years old, Gharak was a nearly middle-aged goblin. He worked as an assassin for The Brotherhood, and had no problem with Beagan staying with him. In fact, Gharak was fond of the boy and enjoyed his companionship. Beagan too liked Gharak, and the 10-year-old had no problem learning the goblin language.

During supper--on evenings when Gharak wasn't working--Beagan and his goblin friend would discuss what they did that day. Gharak had no issue with giving the details on the various contracts that he carried out, and thought that maybe one day--when he was old enough to do so--Beagan would join The Brotherhood either as a rogue, or possibly an assassin. At night, as he lay in bed and fondled his dagger, Beagan wondered what it would feel like to plunge the weapon into the stomach of his brother, and even his father. Would he feel any remorse? Beagan didn't know for sure whether he would or wouldn't. In any case, the boy was only a thief...not a killer.

It is now 1349, and Beagan Mèirle is 11 years old. He still works the streets of the upper district of Northwyck, while
Gharak is out doing various jobs. The boy hasn't seen his father--or now 16-year-old
brother--for a year or two, and he doesn't care to. But Beagan knows they're still in town
somewhere; most likely living in the same crappy apartment. Maybe one day he'll go back...not to see his family, but to get his belongings; that is, if they haven't been sold or thrown out in the rubbish pile.

About The Thieves' Guild

The Brotherhood

To one degree or another, The Brotherhood can be involved with: con artists, beggars, theft and burglary, smuggling, drug peddling, piracy, slave taking, prostitution, gambling, extortion and blackmail.

Large guilds will also have legal front operations to handle money laundering and provide a veneer of legitimacy to what the establishments will do- tattoo parlors, mercantile shops, taverns and inns, bath houses, and so forth. Fences and smugglers in particular need legitimate fronts. Brothels and gambling houses may need legitimate fronts if they can't legally operate. As with other guilds, The Brotherhood may even engage in various forms of community service like running orphanages or homeless shelters. Many legal trades may also have illegal sidelines. For example, apothecaries and locksmiths may provide legitimate services, and also sell poisons, drugs, and lock picks to members of The Brotherhood.

If you're a good bloke, and keep your mouth shut and look the other way, you can depend on useful things (food, medicine, etc) being left on your doorstep when things get hard. You can also count on The Brotherhood to do what they can to get you out of jail, or to make sure your family is fed during your incarceration; if you’re hanged, they’ll make sure your widow and kids are provided for.

As an official member of The Brotherhood, you are expected to adhere to the following tenets or rules:

1. Donation: Whenever you see a financial gain (money or items) from a job in the area, you will give 30 percent to The Brotherhood.

2. Do Not Squeal: If arrested during or as the result of a job, you will reveal nothing to the authorities; not the identities of your partners, fences, informants or others involved.

3. Honestly Report the Loot: You will honestly report how much money or valuables are taken in a job.

4. Share and Share Alike: You will share the score equally amongst all your partners, or according to the contribution of each to the job.

5. Grease the Palms: Upon your honor, you will share some of your earnings with other members of The Brotherhood who have been incarcerated; to help pay fines, bribing the guards, bail money, etc.

6. Contribute: You will share any valuable information with The Brotherhood, including potential targets, the location of traps, activities of the town watch, etc.

7. Be a Good Brother – Even if you hate or dislike a fellow member of The Brotherhood, you will help them in regards to staying clear of the Watch, or when they are at risk of being caught.

The penalty for violating any of these rules or tenets, can be as light as a slap on the wrist, or as severe as the execution of you or your family and friends.

Skags, Pickpockets and Street Urchins

Whatever they're called, these young thieves are the lowest "members" of The Brotherhood. Petty theft brings in the least amount of money for the organization--where they only take 10 percent of what a pickpocket has stolen--however, street urchins can also play a part in keeping an eye out for potential targets that The Brotherhood may be interested in. The Brotherhood also keeps an eye on most--if not all--of these pickpockets to see who might make for good future recruits

Rogues and Assassins

These are the official members of The Brotherhood, and the ones who bring in the most money. Usually, each rogue or assassin has their own personal code of conduct, and are expected to not cross a certain line; to The Brotherhood, there is a big difference between carrying out a contract (assassination) and that of murder ( a chaotic evil action). As opposed to street urchins, rogues and assassins are expected to hand over 30 percent of what they earn to The Brotherhood.

Game Explaination

I'm looking for 3 or 4 players to be a part an on-going Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 campaign--with some 5e and homebrew mechanics mixed in--that is set in my world called Ithlond. There are five main continents on Ithonld: Odessa, Ikari, Aesun, Urias, and Eros. For this campaign, I will be starting everyone off on the continent of Odessa. All player characters will begin at 1st level, but the starting Hit Points will be Constitution score + Con mod + Hit Die.

I will be playing Beagan Mèirle as a street urchin PC, and am looking for players who want to play a rogue or assassin character. The alignments available are: Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil.

This ad will be open until July 22. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also, thank you for your interest, and taking the time to apply.

Who Do I Want

* Anyone that is interested in ROLE-playing and developing their character. I do award XP for good role-playing and posting

* Those who are interested in being a part of an on-going campaign.

* Players that can post on a regular basis.

* Players who can make good-quality posts; I'm not expecting perfection with grammar or spelling, but please do your best.

Who Don't I Want

* Anyone who is only interested in combat, and doesn't really care about character development.

* Those that are only interested in playing for a short time.

* Players that continually go a week or more without posting. If you are unable to post for an extended period of time for any reason, please let me know in the OOC thread, or by Private Message. That way, I know you're still interested in playing, and can work the game around you.

* Players who mostly make 1-2 short sentence posts. Every post doesn't need to be lengthy, but I would like to see that an effort is being made,

Application Process

To apply, please provide me with the following character information:

* Name, Class, Race, Gender, Age

* Alignment (see above)

* A background for your character that is at least 2 paragraphs in length.

You can submit your application here:

NOTE: Please do not make a character sheet at this time. Once chosen, I will work with the players to help them create the kind of character they want to play.

NOTE 2: This is not a campaign where all of the player characters are kids. Besides Beagan, I would allow one other kid character that is above the age of 11; the rest should be adult characters. A kid would be a street urchin and not officially a member of The Brotherhood. Also, the thieves' guild would not be sending a group of kids to do what needs to be done in the first adventure; only 1 or 2 at the most. As the campaign goes on, and I eventually bring in more players, there will be an opportunity to play a street urchin character.

Game Description:

The world of Ithlond

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There aren't a lot of changes.

From what I've seen, the most that is borrowed are the movement mechanics, grapple and disarm manuevers that have been modified, and some addition to the action system.

Cantrips are also unlimited and can be upcast with higher levels spell slots, and maybe there'll be some more that I'm not aware of at the moment.

Oh, and the material component to the Spider Climb spell is a live spider you have to eat.

Fun all around.

Originally Posted by Athetos View Post
...and the material component to the Spider Climb spell is a live spider you have to eat.
I liked that one

Originally Posted by Burning Spear View Post
Interested, though not keen on any 5th ed options :})
But seriously...the only 5th edition elements that I'm going to bring into the game (that I can think of at the moment) is incorporating movement into combat actions without having to have any kind of feat to do so, and maybe use the Advantage/Disadvantage mechanic at certain points.

In regards to character creation, I may allow players to use things from 5e, as long as they are compatible with 3.5

Originally Posted by Burning Spear View Post
What's the known fluff on the city?
The town of Northwyck isn't completely fleshed-out, but here is some general information about the town:

There is an upper district and a lower district. The upper district is where the more well-to-do people live, and the lower district is where the poorer folks live (along with people who are thieves, assassins, and street urchins). The Brotherhood is basically in the lower district--where there is a black market to buy/sell certain things, and street urchins will go to the upper district to look for targets to steal from. In the upper district, things are much cleaner; while it's dirtier in the lower district.

In the Lower District, you will find: The Wolf's Den ( a tavern where thieves and assassins can hang out, and acquire certain information about jobs, clients, etc.), Beggar’s alley (a poorer section of the lower district), a tattoo parlor, a back-alley doctor when one is needed, possibly a brothel (but one may not have been built yet), some street vendors, run-down apartments and homes, etc.

Some locations in the Upper District are:

Inn/Tavern: The Welcome Inn (fine establishment), The Pewter Mug (higher-quality tavern), The House of Ale (lower-quality tavern, but not bad)
Punishment/Town/ Public Square (there could be a fountain there)
Sweets/Candy Store
Meeting hall (which could also serve at some kind of court)
Curiosity Shop
Perfume Shop
Pipes/Tobacco Shop
Money changer and Money lender
Doctor/Dentist and Apothecary
Guard headquarters
Vendors And Peddlers
Street Musician/Performer
Coffin maker
Meat Butcher
Shoe maker
Wine Seller
Church/Monastery/Abbey/Religious School/Orphanage
Mayor/Noble/Tax collector
Jewelry Shop
Cemetery (outside of town)

Northwyck is a very large town (or small city) with a population of around 8,000-10,000 (just a guess). The lower district is over-crowded in certain areas, and the streets of the upper district are busy at certain times of the day (usually late morning-early evening).


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